How to Use PSTEC to Handle the Fear of Death

This is a recording of a conversation Jeff Harding had with Tim Phizackerely on how to use the PSTEC Tools to deal with the Fear of Death.

Listen here online or download the audio.



  1. Jocelyn Bagley says

    Very good information; would love to be able to share it with some friends and clients. I work at a cemetery and funeral home.

  2. Bob Aburto, M.D. says

    I have found that many of the problems faced by my patients, including the Fear of Death, are more private in nature and, therefore, it is possible for them to get some of the help they need through the use of PSTEC for two reasons. 1. They don’t have to disclose everything to me and, 2. They can do quite a bit, if not all the work needed on their own in private.

  3. Raymond Lewis says

    The fear of death is a very common problem within my practice especially when the person is in their sixties. I think click track is the way to go to get over emotional fears that are affecting one’s daily life in the now. Regards Dr R Lewis

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