Blushing Stopped with PSTEC

Tanya worked on one of her blushing issues over a couple days and experienced amazing results using the PSTEC Basic Click Tracks!!

I now know how to play this game called life … and I am winning!

Tanya spent many years dealing with blushing, hormone issues, skin problems, anxiety, social anxiety, unhealthy eating habits … listen in with Tanya and find out about her PSTEC work on these various issues.


In this audio, Tanya will share:

  • How she is able to more easily move through each day with more joy and peace.
  • Why she considers PSTEC her graduation from her beginnings … reading the Secret and also practicing EFT.
  • The very, very important role the use of the PSTEC Positive Secrets package played in her healing.
  • How PSTEC has helped her spiritual connection… her ability to receive and use guidance and inspiration.
  • Also, find out a little bit about her private session with Tim Phizackerley.

Thanks Tanya for sharing your journey of Self discovery … Mahka’i (Excellent!)…
PSTEC Stories are about how everyday people with everyday issues are using PSTEC to help them transcend those issues. These stories are provided to help you learn ways that PSTEC might help you or give you tips about how to use PSTEC. These are actual stories and events representing this individual’s particular experience and while the
stories and experiences are quite impressive, they do not guarantee nor indicate that you would also achieve the same results.

We appreciate you leaving your comments and appreciation for Tanya down below…


  1. I listened to the interview and found that I could relate to a lot of the points covered.

    I have had the PSTEC audios with me for a long time, but I haven’t really given it a go properly. I have used the click tracks for some negative issues and it helped.

    However, listening to Tanja, I felt that I too could really overcome the things that I am going through. It’s really about making the time and giving it a go with commitment.

    I appreciate her honesty and say thank you to her.

    I will begin doing my own PSTEC work now because I too want to look forward to my days and not my nights like Tanja did.

    Thanks to Tim and Jeff for their immense contribution in the work that they do.

    • Jeff Harding says

      You’re always welcome Jessie… It’s easy to fall back into our habits… our behaviors… that keep us from expressing or realizing our unlimited nature… our True Self. Take the time and don’t settle for non-JEEP feelings that are more than zero. In other words, even if the unpleasant feeling is “only” a 2 or 3, that’s not a helpful thing and “toughing” it out is not either because it just reinforces that it’s ok to feel those unpleasant feelings. Take the time to clear it, always, if it’s unpleasant and Life will unfold for you.
      Aloha nui!

  2. Hello Tanya,

    Thanks for sharing your work with PSTEC.

    I think you will inspire people to do more work on their issues, not just getting small changes but to keep going and work through all their problems & beliefs about themselves.

    Getting to know what results and changes can be achieved not only after using the free tracks but by trying other tracks is so important.

    Thank you & good luck


  3. Ben Andriessen says

    Thank you, Tanya and Jeff and, of course Tim, for sharing so much. The interview reminded me that I am so under-using PSTech, like a carpenter forgetting to use his hammer. God bless everyone! Ben

    • Jeff Harding says

      Hi Ben… ah, true, true … it’s easy to skip our inner work… er play … because things are so important and busy on the outside. I have been using PSTEC Positive and now PSTEC Positive Extra Power almost everyday in concert with a certain thought or belief process for my spiritual work. VERY effective and fun! Take the time, as I mentioned to Jessie above. Not only are you worth it, but what could be more important in Life?
      Malama Pono!

  4. Saskia Koops says

    Wish I could say I was having a sucess, not sure what I am doing wrong … would be good to get a breakdown of exactly what Tanya did, e.g how many click tracks, and which one exactly, how many positive etc. I find the whole system quite confusing ???

  5. Great interview!
    I, myself, have tried EFT for my asthma I have been suffering nearly all my life>>>50 yrs……EFT helps me reducing the symptoms while having them but it always comes back totally unexpectedly. It wakes me up during the night. Most of the time the attack comes out of the blue for no apparent reason, sometimes it’s induced by physical activity;walking, hiking, where other times doing the same activity will not cause any problems what so ever.
    I understand most chronic illnesses have emotional attachment to the past.
    Listening to Tanya I wonder how PSTEC could help me to get rid of the darn asthma for good.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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