PSTEC for Children, Schools and Other Organizations with Mike Wells – Part 2 of 2

PSTEC for ChildrenThis one is a treat …

Mike Wells has gifted this one to the PSTEC Community and we all owe Mike our gratitude!

In this recording, Mike talks about the following:

  • What is most important with working with children as clients.  Actually, this is important for ANY client.
  • Tips about discovering more about your client’s mind model thereby making it even easier for you to help them.
  • Find out how Mike eases into rapport with his clients which also increases his effectiveness in the healing process.
  • Discover why this hypnotherapy expert does not use hypnotherapy when he works with children and schools as he reveals his first choice in therapy tools.

As a Bonus: Mike will also reveal how to get regular, paying therapy work! You see, Mike is busier than ever (despite the economic downturn) having migrated to only using PSTEC in his practice and when he works at the school helping children.

If you have not yet listened to the short Introduction by Tim Phizackerley, Founder and Creator of PSTEC and Jeff Harding, PSTEC Master Practitioner; be sure to…
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Mike Wells
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  1. Thanks Mike for such an inspiring audio recording. Also the generosity of content is really helpful. You give wonderful examples of your work with young people and the practicalities of working within educational institutions within their own child protection policies. As an ex-teacher of special needs adults in an inner city college here in London I really wish I had been able to offer Pstec to my students as so many had profound and complex issues. You’re doing great work and I hope your audio inspires others to follow in your footsteps. Best wishes Sally Baker

  2. Hiya Sally.

    Thank you for your comments. I do hope it has helped therapists to see a new area of work available in education. We need to get more PSTEC Therapists involved here. Schools are desperate for help in emotional areas with children and also with teachers high stress levels. Possibly later I will record another mp3 and keep people upto date with my work in this area. I am busy trying to get more involved with doctors and stress related areas also. I’ve one doctor facinated by my work and how PSTEC worked so fast.So again I will let you know how this develops. Also the letter that I got from school is priceless.. Kind Regards Mike

    • carole raffinetti says

      Hi Mike
      This is such a valuable audio you have made available. I am retired but I still do voluntary work with children at a particular school and I see the problems children and teachers face. [as per my e mail] If children could be introduced to PSTEC they would have a self help tool for life. I have facilitated the children I work with to use EFT themselves when problems arise but I agree with you it is not as effective as PSTEC.

      Your generosity has opened a new highway for PSTECers either already working with children and/or those wanting to move into that field or for parents. It will certainly change the way I work with children and, hopefully, I will gather the courage to expand. [have to CT and PP on that issue]

      Is it possible to see the letter you got from the school? Is so, where will I find it?

      Thanks again.


  3. Hello Carole

    Thank you for lovely comments. The letter is available with the click tracks that have had the word Hypnosis removed from them as a special package on here.

    Keep up the great work with the children..


  4. carole raffinetti says

    Hi Mike
    That is a bit disappointing. Are the school trick tracks different in any other way or is it just the removal of the word hypnosis? In South Africa a $ costs us between 9 and 10 of our currency so buying a new product that has just a single word removed is not a good buy for me when there are so many other PSTEC products I would still like to buy and pennies must be counted.
    Your case study of the girl with the fear of failure resonated with me. I have 3 children with one 10 and 8 years younger than the older 2. The oldest is an attorney and the second a chartered accountant, both with a small string of degrees between them. The youngest is a pilates instructor after having graduated with a contemporary dance degree. I think she made some sort of internal decision not to compete and it caused family problems with my husband and the older kids disagreeing with her choices and my support of her. As it happened, my husband’s business had gone bust by that time and I paid for the last child’s tertiary education so made sure she did what she wanted. I think she is the best adjusted of the 3.
    This has led me to wonder if this is not yet another area for PSTEC – children having to deal with their parents’ ambitions for them? I think this causes lots of problems in families other than mine. For some reason in SA, a B. Com. is what every parent wants their child to have whether there is aptitude or not.
    Question: could I use click tracks on children for whom English is a second or third language and whose English skills are not great? Age approximately 11.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Carole

      Firstly with ref to the pennies to be counted. When I first started with PSTEC I so it as an investment in myself and to further myself with the PSTEC audios. I can look back with the hindsight that it was my best ever investment into what I now teach. Over the years in my Hypnotherapy I have attended many expensive seminars over the years and continually expanded my knowledge but without question what Tim offers is amazingly cheap for what you get and so full of information. So well worth the time and investment..Yes sometimes it’s difficult but you will need that reference library to take you that step further. I just wish I had PSTEC years ago and like most people I do count my pennies. If it means you may have to get the package where the word Hypnosis has been removed for a specific reason or area then so be it but it has it’s advantages when working with children because of the protocol here in the UK.. I use the ones where it has now been removed.

      “Question: could I use click tracks on children for whom English is a second or third language and whose English skills are not great? Age approximately 11.” Mikes Reply.. Try it and see!!..Nothing to loose by trying it.. and please let me know how you get on..

      • carole raffinetti says

        Hi Mike

        I think in SA the problem would be the attitude of people towards hypnosis rather than the fact that is is banned for school use. One could always forward the track and start playing after the H reference to get around that. I have started giving talks to the U3A crowd [university of the third age – retired people] on dispelling the myths around hypnosis as well as PSTEC. The ideas folk have about hypnosis are astounding and amusing!

        I have a good reference library having the Level One, The Advanced tutorials, the Accelerators and the PP Secrets. If I spend further I would rather go for the extra PP tracks and/or Magic Sentences and of course Tim may come out with something new at any time.

        Thanks for all your advice.

        Best wishes


  5. Thankyou so much for your generosity and kindness

  6. bill hinchcliffe says

    Hi Mike,
    Absolutely fantastic recording!! I may have the opportunity to use PSTEC in English speaking schools out here in Spain so this recording is invaluable. You have not only given me a great insight into the day to day workings but have also motivated me to push it forward.
    Many thanks indeed.
    Best Wishes

  7. Dawn Macaskill says

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you so much for your podcast on using pstec in schools. I believe if we can make this therapy system available to children world wide we will contribute maximally to a lasting peace in our world. I can’t think of a better or more important way to make a difference. I’m getting up to speed studying the programs and techniques preparing to talk with schools in my area this summer and fall. Thanks for your shining example and for helping all those people at such a deep level.

    with deep respect,

    • Thank you Dawn for your lovely comments. If I can be of help in anything just drop me a line and we could possibly talk on Skype one evening/afternoon.
      Aloha Mike.

  8. Jim Skinner says

    Hi Mike, I’ve had the pstec stuff for a while and only recently started using it, something was holding me back (silly now by the way), I’ve used the ct’s and the new neg eraser followed by pp on a few of my clients, the response has been amazing, an example is an emetophobic lady whom after one session, went home and watched a Harry Potter film with her young son, during which Ron Weasley vomited slugs and she had no adverse reaction whatsoever. Fantastic !! My reason for writing this email is to say a huge thank you for the podcast it has brought into focus why I’ve been working with so many young suffers of anxiety lately, I’ve been using Hypnosis and whilst successful, the quickest turnaround by far was a young lady just last week. Her Mum thanked me for bringing back her daughters wonderful smile! I’m going to take a leaf from your book and get in and help before these youngsters become so troubled. Thank you again, Jim

    • Mikes reply says

      Hi Jim
      Amazing work and thank you for letting me know how well the click tracks worked on the emetophobic lady. As you know I have done Hypnosis for over 30 years and in the last five years I’ve had little use for it as the tracks do for me a much better and faster predictable job. Giving children a faster release of all emotional stuff. Looking forward to hearing more about your amazing work. Kind Regards Mike

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