No Decision, No Success, No Hope – A PSTEC Interview

no hopeFree PSTEC Interview Recording…

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Gary was living in a deep, dark hole of despair with little or no hope of a life of joy and peace.  In that hole of depression, he was experiencing severe ADHD (diagnosed and treated with heavy medication), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), no self-confidence, severe anxiety, chronic depression, asthma, a crippling phobia of needles, excess weight … just to name a few.

Gary will share his path of freedom and how he used various PSTEC Tools to help him find that freedom much quicker than he ever imagined (because he struggled with these issues for years).

Gary will share with you:

  • His experiences about ADD and ADHD and whether or not it is a permanent life sentence.
  • How he lost 4.5 stone (63 pounds) in 3.5 months after comfort eating since the age of 12 … Gary says, “I feel 20 years younger!”
  • Why Gary says, “PSTEC does not like to let you leave stuff behind!” … and why this is critical for you in finding lasting peace and success in your life.
  • How he quickly overcame a needle phobia and why he started with that issue.
  • What to do when the emotional intensity rises with the PSTEC Click Tracks (CT)… a great tip!!
  • Plus, much more…

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  1. mary fregoso says

    doesn’t seem to work for me. sorry

    • No reason to be sorry, Mary. In my several years of experience with PSTEC both personally and in working with others, like any tool, when the tool does not work, quite often the tool is not being used in the most effective manner.
      If you would like, feel free to post in the forum to get some help or even through the PSTEC Support area:
      Also, as Gary pointed out, he just needed a little help with an experienced practitioner to get going on the best path for him and once he gained momentum and cleared up some misperceptions, he was (and is) well on his way on his own.
      Remember, your greatest resource is Within… trust it and use the PSTEC Tools to help you discover and allow that trust!

  2. I really enjoyed your experience well done for working so hard

  3. Anton Hooton says

    Thanks Gary & Jeff, Inspirational stuff. I continuer to learn how to use PSTEC in the most effective way. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your story Gary Cheers Anton

  4. Thank you, Gary! I really appreciate you sharing this, it is so totally inspiring. It seems it even managed to convince my daughter to try pstec, which I’ve been suggesting a long time. Wishing you all the best!

  5. What a generous interviewee, I feel inspired by your experience and was so moved, especially the part about your two younger daughters.
    Thank you so much Gary and Jeff.

  6. I thank you very much for all these interviews full of information and inspiration, Jeff and all the interview partners.
    With sunny greetings from my heart
    from Germany,


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