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PSTEC Essentials - A selection of PSTEC Tutorials and Tools to Help You Live Life Free *** Select one or more packages *** These packages are downloads in MP3 and/or PDF formats*
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Free Basic PSTEC Audio Package - NO CHARGE ITEM **This is a download in MP3 format**
The entire free Basic PSTEC Audio Package (6 audios) includes: Instructions, Special Panic Attack instructions, Frequently Asked Questions About PSTEC, Click Track 1 and Click Track 2 and The Next Step: How to Be Happy along with PSTEC and JEEP Part 1 and 2
* Sorry, this product is not available
PSTEC Level 1 Audio Package **This is a download in MP3 format**
The PSTEC Level 1 Audio Package includes seven audio files; An Introduction to PSTEC, The PSTEC Therapy Course, Success and PSTEC Positive (instructions); PSTEC Positive Click Track 1, the tapping version; and PSTEC Positive Click Track 2, the non tapping version; the two Enhanced Effectiveness (EEF) Click Tracks for particularly "sticky" issues.
PSTEC Accelerator Audio Package **This is a download in MP3 format**
If you are going to use PSTEC for extensive work; meaning for various issues that come up in your life or if you are facing some heavy, heavy and long standing traumas; best to get this package. It not only speeds up the effectiveness of other PSTEC tracks, but also helps to encourage the subconscious to reveal more "junk" so you know what to target and, therefore, release even more barriers. Includes 5 audios; tutorial, two relax tracks, long and short version; two tapping tracks.
How to Achieve Almost Anything - The Easy Way (with PSTEC) Audio Package **This is a download in MP3 format**
Includes 5 audios on how to use PSTEC to acheive sucess in business, lose weight, better relationships; just about anything (approximately 3 hours of instruction) ... Also, includes the Bonus Program; You ARE Amazing!
PSTEC Positive Secrets **Download in MP3 and PDF format**
PSTEC Positive Secrets is the definitive tutorial on how to make PSTEC Positive tracks work for you. (PSTEC Positive is not included and is sold separately)... this tutorial package includes 7 mp3 audio files and a 68 page pdf document that follows along with the audios.
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