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PSTEC Free Tools - Select one, any or all of these no charge packages

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Free Basic PSTEC Audio Package - NO CHARGE ITEM **This is a download in MP3 format**
The entire free Basic PSTEC Audio Package (6 audios) includes: Instructions, Special Panic Attack instructions, Frequently Asked Questions About PSTEC, Click Track 1 and Click Track 2 and The Next Step: How to Be Happy along with PSTEC and JEEP Part 1 and 2
Wealth of Abundance *** This is a download in MP3 format *** NO CHARGE ITEM
Listen regularly and follow the instructions fully! Your free “Wealth of Abundance” audio contains an introduction and also hypnosis, so when you listen to this, be sure to find somewhere quiet where you are unlikely to be disturbed.
Mindfulness with PSTEC and Suggestion *** This is a download in MP3 and PDF formats *** NO CHARGE ITEM
More than two hours of powerful, easy to follow, expert training. You'll also get helpful summary information in pdf form and also a quick start introduction.
Cancer: FREE - PSTEC Special Audio Package **This is a download in MP3 format** NO CHARGE ITEM
Cancer: FREE - PSTEC Special Audio Package (downloads) includes five audio files; one tutorial, four special hypnotic audios
Physical Pain Removal - Part 1 **This is a download in MP3 format**
Part 1 is give as a gift from the Creator of PSTEC, Tim Phizackerley. Part 2 of Physical Pain Removal is available separately at a nominal cost. In this tutorial Tim shares tips and what tools to use to help reduce or even eliminate pain. His recommendations include the use of various PSTEC tracks and also suggestions that do not include the use of other tracks. Over an hour of instruction ... tutorial only.
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