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PSTEC for PTSD **This is a download in MP3 format**
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PSTEC for PTSD **This is a download in MP3 format**
Tim's Specialized Tutorials: PSTEC for PTSD (Therapists only! Not suited to self help...Amongst other things this tutorial shows therapists how to build correct beliefs sets for clients with PTSD. This needs to be done interactively and this is the reason why this tutorial is NOT suited to self help). Tim describes in detail exactly how he works with PTSD and he lays out the very best way to approach this work. Lots of detailed content. Learn how to work with this "much in the news" condition and be successful ... (This product assumes knowledge of Level 1, advanced, accelerators and cascade release) 3 audios: Introduction, 3 minutes; tutorial 1 hour & 15 minutes; PTSD Loop for use with clients... approx: 50MB
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