Welcome to the PSTEC Affiliate Program

Tim Needs Your Help and He Will Pay You!

Like a sole individual on horseback, Tim Phizackerley has been riding through town to spread the word that people no longer have to be shackled by their negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

There is a simple, powerful and free answer to help people finally break free of their unwanted feelings, emotions and memories and that answer is PSTEC.

But, the sole rider can only reach so many people on his own so he has decided to ask for your help to spread the word about PSTEC and to guide people to the free Basic PSTEC Audio Package…and Tim is willing to pay you to help him with this important task.

If you have used the free Basic PSTEC Package, you know how simple and effective it can be.   If you have not used it yet, just take a look at the PSTEC Stories and Experiences…amazing!

So, let’s get started and not only help spread the word, but let us help you share in the commissions.

How much? 50% of the selling price on most packages!  That’s right 50 percent commission!

The various PSTEC programs available for commission payouts include:

  • PSTEC Positive
  • Enhanced Effectiveness Click Tracks
  • PSTEC Stop Smoking
  • Level 1 Training for PSTEC
  • Advanced Training
  • And much, much more.

The list and available programs is ever expanding, so a client interested in one program may also be interested in using multiple programs.

Sign up now to help guide more and more people to this powerful yet simple technique.  Let Tim show you his appreciation by paying you 50% commission on most products purchased.

* While most packages have an affiliate commission rate of 50%, commission rates do vary… consult the PSTEC Affiliate Agreement and the schedule of current commissions for details.