PSTEC Belief Blasters

Simple … Powerful … Effective … Fast

PSTEC is evolving… and from time to time we can bring you the very latest and most major advances.

Well these new tools …

“The PSTEC Belief Blasters,” are a really important advance and if you’ve got limiting or negative beliefs and you want to be free of them, then try hitting your troublesome beliefs with these!

The PSTEC Belief Blasters are a huge step forward in several ways and after you use these I think you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them.

These easy to use tools are designed to help you destroy limiting beliefs, negative beliefs and counter unwanted old programming and ways of thinking.

In tests these have proven highly effective and these also make unwanted belief removal much much easier than before.

Liz tested out Belief Blasters and wanted to share her experience and results… click on the play button to listen in …

This is because with the Belief Blasters I set out to create a belief removal tool with the ease of use, elegance, power and even greater simplicity than the Click Tracks.

This is a totally new approach and a much much simpler, more direct way to remove any unwanted belief or beliefs.

Brian has been using Belief Blasters with some private clients of his …

“I had a client who was deep in a powerless belief “I am powerless” and also had charges on hopeless and helpless feelings. They ran the 18 minute track on the past tense statement “I’ve been powerless” and over the next 24 hours they released a load of emotions relating to this. It is now gone and as a result, the hopeless and helpless feelings are also gone.”

You can find out more details about his use of Belief Blasters on the PSTEC Forum…

And from an anonymous PSTEC Self-Help User …

Dear PSTEC Team,

Thanks for this awesome program.
It’s amazing how it worked for the first belief I tried.

I Can

Tim’s (Tim Phizackerley, the Creator of the PSTEC Click Tracks) intent with this was as follows:

  • Simple!
  • Powerful!
  • Fast!
  • Childishly easy to use!
  • And … of course….VERY Effective!

In tests it seems to be all of those things and more.

There’s also no tapping at all.
This means it’s even possible to use the PSTEC Belief Blasters quite discretely on a train, or even waiting outside an interview room etc…

The exact wording took months of work but eventually these sprang into existence.
As always they’ve been trialed with lots of people on lots of different things.
Results have been excellent.
Also people have commented on just how easy this is.
As such, these are highly rated and now you can get access.
They’re here for you.

Jeff chatted with Tim about Belief Blasters.
How it was developed, contrasted Belief Blasters with PSTEC Negative and how simple and easy Belief Blasters will be for you!

Listen in…


The PSTEC Belief Blasters are radically different and we think you’ll adore these.


  • You can use these on unwanted beliefs and old negative programming.
  • The Belief Blasters are very easy to use.
  • The instructions take just a few minutes.
  • There’s no tapping at all.
  • There’s no writing on pieces of paper.
  • There’s no opening and closing of eyes.
  • There’s no need even to imagine things.

With the Belief Blasters that’s all gone.
Just identify the belief you want to dismantle and follow the simple instructions.

Finally we can offer you
PSTEC Belief Blasters!

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