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Cancer: Free – PSTEC Special

Cancer: FreeMost of the PSTEC audios relate to emotional problems and improving beliefs, but this extra free package is different.
This is a unique addition to the PSTEC family of audios because it relates to a medical problem: cancer.

This package is a combination of tutorial and special tracks.
This package is designed for adults only and the normal terms of use apply but see also the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

This package of audios relates to all forms of cancer but some tracks are a little more specific. On this package Tim explains cancer related issues in the context of PSTEC and how PSTEC can be helpful.

Hypnotherapy techniques and expertise have also been used to add another powerful dimension, by means of the special hypnosis for cancer audios. These are not percussive suggestion but they have been created with the same level of care and attention to detail. The special hypnotic tracks are only for use where some kind of tumor or tumors has been medically diagnosed the user is under the care of medical professionals. The tutorial is broader in scope.

Package Contents:

1. Tutorial: A special tutorial/introduction for anyone with cancer. This tutorial covers a number of cancer related issues and amongst other content it describes how someone with cancer might choose to use the free PSTEC click tracks. (The Free PSTEC click tracks are available elsewhere on this website)
2. Special PSTEC hypnotic audio 1
3. Special PSTEC hypnotic audio 2
4. Special PSTEC hypnotic audio 3
5. Special PSTEC hypnotic audio 4

Download size = approx 20mb

Cancer: Free - PSTEC Special

Before downloading be sure to read the special disclaimer below:
Special Disclaimer:
Tim does not claim medical knowledge and all users of this audio should seek conventional treatment. Listeners must seek proper medical approval BEFORE use. The standard PSTEC terms of use also apply.
Unless otherwise stated opinions expressed are those of the author.