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Cash Peters

Douse the Fires of Emotional Wounds with PSTEC

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Cash Peters Thought He Had Already Doused the Fires of His Past Emotional Wounds …
Until He Discovered the Unique and Incredible Power of PSTEC!

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You can discover more about Cash at:

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And, listen to his interview with Tim Phizackerley, Founder and Creator of PSTEC:

Cash PetersCash Peters is a British writer and broadcaster, and the host of two highly-acclaimed podcasts.

He is always searching for the most effective ways to raise his vibration and sharing his inspirational ideas for better living with his listeners.

When Cash first discovered PSTEC, he gave the Click Tracks a try and discovered that not only was he able to easily douse the fires of some old emotional wounds, but he also discovered some wounds he was not conscious of and, subsequently, he doused those emotional upsets as well.
Well, when Cash finds something that works, he gets excited (I recommend you check out his podcast) and he shares it with the world!

Cash will also share:

  • What his friends say about the changes they notice in him since he has been using PSTEC.
  • His first impressions since using Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC.
  • A little twist he used when using the Basic Click Tracks… verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting … call it the “puffy suit” twist!
  • How his perception about “chain of events” put his mind at ease when using the PSTEC Click Tracks and why he discovered that he “didn’t have to get to everything.”
  • And much, much more!

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    • Liz
    • March 29, 2016

    Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    I really enjoyed the “Puffy suit” explanation.
    It totally makes sense and from what you have said, it really enhances the way you shed those emotions and then gets you right into the things you do want.
    Leaving behind, all the things you don’t want, and never looking back. Always moving forward.
    I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying life more than you have before. And that things are easier and more natural in your day to day life.
    So many things to be grateful for here!
    Thank you again for giving me a new perspective on how to use PStec, and all of the possibilities!

  1. Reply

    Hello Cash,

    It’s wonderful to hear and feel someone get as excited about pstec as I am. Thank you for sharing.
    I’ve been conducting research using the advanced pstec technique “Cascade Release”. If you think what you’ve found so far is exciting get ready for a whole new level of discovery.
    If you’d like to know more I would happy to talk with you over skype or by personal email. My email address is
    I loved your parting comment – that Tim should be gifted back a million or more dollars for the gift he has given humanity. I feel the same way.
    To your continuing and ever increasing astounding revelations,
    ps My interview with pstec is here just below yours on the page.

  2. Reply

    I heard about PSTech from Cash’s UTube “show” in which he makes drawing of well-know people. Frankly I don’t care a lot about the drawings but I LOVE Cash. He is an extraordinary person who shows amazing kindness, grace and generosity to others, while, at the same time being hilariously funny and smart. When he mentioned PSTech I immediately looked it up. I’ve only listened to one track but hearing about Cash’s experience with it, makes me very eager to do more.

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