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PSTEC Interviews

Free audio recordings with actual self help users and therapists who will talk about their experiences and will give you tips and suggestions of how to use PSTEC most effectively.

Dread, Anxiety and a Sense of Doom – A Little Different Way to Approach Childhood Trauma … and Heal It!

This is a FREE Recording of a PSTEC Interview with Wil. There was dread, anxiety and a sense of doom for Wil and, again, no full relief from other modalities… well, until PSTEC came into his awareness.

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How to Follow the PSTEC Instructions … Even with Physical Issues

This is a FREE Recording of a PSTEC Interview with Janice Ray. Janice is experienced in several healing modalities and is always looking for more effective and simpler ways to help her clients eliminate fear and help to heal physical issues. She talks about some of her specific healing experiences with PSTEC, including 25 years of anger … gone with one workshop session; Physical symptoms of a rumbling stomach, nausea, belching, etc.; with the PSTEC Click Tracks, it was cleared up like magic; and fear of a 12 hour surgery; again, "like magic," this person was overjoyed and blissful … AND Janice helped her uncover and heal an old emotional issue as well as helping her deal with the physical issues of the surgery.

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How to Work with No Feelings and No Memories

This is a FREE Recording of a PSTEC Interview with Michael. Michael talks about his early life of separation, isolation and wondering what is wrong with him and he gives us a thought about “not feeling” or basically being numb and enlightens us about this subject. His story is about coming from “no feelings” to completely being aware of all feelings and about how discovering the awareness of his feelings allowed memories to come forth through his mind in the name of healing so he could transcend a life of being shut down to one where he can actually allow Life to begin to flow.

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