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PSTEC Interviews

Free audio recordings with actual self help users and therapists who will talk about their experiences and will give you tips and suggestions of how to use PSTEC most effectively.

Cash Peters

Douse the Fires of Emotional Wounds with PSTEC

Cash Peters Thought He Had Already Doused the Fires of His Past Emotional Wounds Until He Discovered the Unique and Incredible Power of PSTEC!

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and PSTEC

No Cure for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)? Don’t Tell Dawn!

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Plagued Dawn for Over 20 Years… Until She Used an Advanced PSTEC Tool on Her Own

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Break free with PSTEC

5 Years of Unemployment, Fear and Hopelessness Was Enough!

Melody was down and out … She lost her job, her house, divorced, and was told she was too educated, too old, too … on and on. Melody lived with fear and hopelessness … and unemployment for over 5 years! It all changed when she entrusted herself to the PSTEC Tools…

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