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The Creator and Creation of PSTEC

Background Info

You may be wondering about the background of the inventor and creator of PSTEC™, Tim Phizackerley.  Here is a brief synopsis.


  • Diploma with Distinction in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Creator of hypnotherapy techniques used on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Bachelor of Education Honours Degree
  • Chartered status as a member of the British Computer Society (The brain runs programs too. Often over and over again)
  • Radio Featured Expert on Powerful Personal Change (Tim has demonstrated successful phobia removal live on air).
  • GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) member

Tim has been self employed as a hypnotherapist for several years and delved ever deeply into the subject and use of hypnosis to deal with a personal medical crisis. Since then he has used hypnosis for various emergencies and it has been of tremendous value to his family as well as his clients.

The Beginnings of PSTEC™

Tim has specialized in various areas using hypnosis including the correction of bulimia and anorexia. As you may know, these are some of the toughest issues to “crack” using conventional methods.  Because of their rather challenging nature, Tim developed new techniques to assist him in dealing with the exceptionally tough issues and is one reason he created PSTEC™.

Before coming to hypnosis Tim was a professional programmer and computer analyst. While working in the computer programming field, one of his interests was writing computer programs of an artificially intelligent nature (chess, draughts, interpretation of language etc.).

At that time, Tim never expected to be applying what I knew about artificial intelligence or computer programming to working with people, but fate seemed to have hypnotherapy and hypnosis in mind for him and applications like PSTEC™.

Something which Tim has always been conscious of is that the human mind is the product of evolutionary processes. At its heart lies an organic computer. And the one thing which absolutely all computers have in common is that they run programs. As he delved deeper into the mechanisms underlying hypnosis, he recognized certain things about the interaction between the conscious and subconscious that he believed could open the door to literally reprogramming the subconscious computer in new and innovative ways.

Solutions Are All About Whether or Not They Work

In Tim’s work with personal clients, he has been very systematic in finding solutions that work as efficiently as possible. He found that to do this, one needs to have as good an understanding as possible of the ways in which people form concepts and process information. The upshot was that over the years, Tim developed a fairly sophisticated model of the human mind and also the ways in which it processes and relates to information.

PSTEC™ Stand Out as the Positive Results Continue to Grow

There have been numerous people coming up with some truly brilliant and effective strategies for creating change and helping people. Tim has studied as many as possible.

Whenever he found a technique which appeared to work well, he would take it apart piece by piece and then relate it to the mind model to fully understand it. He has observed how the mechanisms behind hypnosis take place in everyday human interactions both with other people and also with the environment.

The result is that over the years Tim’s model of the human mind has been finely tuned. It now describes in great detail the ways in which the human mind works and in particular how language, information and experiences are processed. Tim has discovered some fairly unusual ways to “open the subconscious” and then to apply new and beneficial programming to help his clients.

One of the simplest and also one of the best techniques which has so far come out of this process is PSTEC™. Tim uses it with almost every client he works with and now has made this wonderful tool available to you.