Embracing Change


I have always said that “Change is easy when we want to change.”

So, using the various PSTEC Tools for releasing emotions, shifting beliefs and behaviors and changing your overall mind model… your perceptions … is also easy… almost like point and click… literally.

Change is Simple, but it’s Hard

But, some say, change is hard… sure, it’s simple … but it’s hard.

I notice those who are ready… truly ready … not just consciously, but in their subconscious there is something saying, “Change must be done”… almost a surrendering … With them, change is quick and quite painless.

They are ready to release and let go of the past… let go of their previous idea of reality… their mind model.

I often begin a pre-talk with people and offer to reveal the secret to quick and painless change… to realizing their life of dreams and leaving pain and suffering behind.


The secret is their WILLINGNESS to let go of all their emotional attachments and aversions along with their beliefs, behaviors, ideals, values, definitions and ideas of what they think is right, wrong, good, bad, etc. If they are Truly WILLING to let go of all that and begin with a “clean slate” then manifesting a new life experience is easy and quite quick.

It’s that unwillingness to let go of that old mind model and way of life that makes it hard because if I try to hang onto the past while also, simultaneously, trying to move forward… no wonder we feel stretched and strained, right?!

But it’s scary to think about giving up my previous definitions of who and even what I think I am because it’s almost as if there will be a death of someone close to me… that existing someone I think I am… albeit limiting and painful an idea of myself that it may be, it’s still MINE!

So, I continue the circle of struggle and there seems to be an inverse relationship between someone’s unwillingness to let go of those old ideas and the likelihood of changing quickly and painlessly… the higher the unwillingness, the lower probability of it being quick and easy… and even enjoyable!


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
― Albert Einstein


Prime the Therapy Pump

I wonder what would happen if the pump were primed a bit?

What if the individual had the belief that change is good… change is easy… change is preferred?

Why would one want to change?

Because change presents opportunity… J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) … harmony, ease and even enlightenment.

Because change moves away from pain, suffering, boredom, fear, anxiety, sadness, confusion, anger and purposelessness.

It’s Just a Matter of Attention

It’s not about changing one’s life, but changing one’s focus… changing one’s attention from the limiting mind model to the unlimited possibilities of the harmonized mind… of the Oneness in Mind, not only with Self, but also with the World… with the Universe!


Ah, but change includes uncertainty … some mystery … so being comfortable with the unknown … with uncertainty … with the mystery… may also be essential to provoke one to take actions quickly and seamlessly.

I challenge you to embrace change or at least begin by providing a hint to your mind… your subconscious … that change is good… beneficial … in your best interests.

I challenge you to use this free gift from Tim Phizackerley, Creator and Founder of PSTEC.
Not as replacement for the PSTEC Tools, but a primer to help increase your willingness to change your mind model… and dare I say … change your life experience.

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