PSTEC for Fasting

Alternate day fasting is becoming the health phenomenon of the decade.

Because of intensive scientific studies.

These studies indicate that by doing short regular fasts you may have much better health  and a far longer life span.

In light of the various scientific studies and the extensive research, many people are predicting 20 years or more of extra and healthy life.

With a multitude of health benefits indicated and the potential to live longer it’s not just scientists and doctors who find this exciting.

After all, who wouldn’t want a much longer, much healthier life feeling good about themselves?

PSTEC for Fasting

It’ll probably be 20 or 30 years before we know for sure how much  extra life these short term fasts can bring you. Who on earth would wait that long before starting? By then it might be too late. And so for this reason, huge numbers of people are now looking for the easiest ways to do these short term fasts of just a day.

Okay, so it’s a great concept with the potential to extend your life by many many years, but how do you stop old habits and also hunger from defeating you?

With PSTEC of course!

On this unique package Tim Phizackerley has created two really special tracks. These PSTEC specials are designed to create the subconscious changes you need to make fasting in this way as easy as possible.

  • Track 1 will assist you in alternate day fasting.
  • Track 2 is for fasting every third day just in case you choose that way of fasting instead.

Tim’s produced these very special tracks so you can use them to mentally prepare for successful fasting. And then after using these tracks to help you prepare you’ll also want to use these while you fast. It’s all built in!

Of course because you may need to listen at any time there’s no tapping at all on these “beauties” and no hypnosis either. These contain the powerful suggestions you need to hear and all delivered to you in Tim’s special way.

So stroll round the supermarket listening on an mp3 or listen on the train for example. The whole emphasis is on ease and effectiveness to get you fasting quickly and easily for a better, stronger, fitter, longer,  healthier and more satisfying life.

People with  certain health conditions may wish to ask their doctor before starting but research shows significant health benefits can happen very quickly so be prepared! For many people the decision to follow this programme is a ‘no brainer’.

Every aspect has been painstakingly produced so just sit back and enjoy the results.

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