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Fibromyalgia, PSTEC Miracles and a PSTEC Master Pracitioners Comments

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Fibromyalgia Relief as a Side Effect to the PSTEC Miracles Program
PSTEC Interview – Peter Owen – Part 2

Peter visited with Jeff again to highlight his experience using the PSTEC Miracles Program with his clients.

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Peter Owen, BSc, Dip hyp, MBIH
Author of “PSTEC in the Trenches”

If you missed the Part 1 Interview with Peter Owen Where Peter and Jeff talk about How Peter Uses PSTEC to Help His Private Clients with Tough Issues Like Depression and Suicide Thoughts, Click the Link Below…

Click here to listen in on Part 1 with Peter Owen

In this audio, Peter will share:

  • Peter has authored “PSTEC in the Trenches” and is sharing some of his insights about dealing with some of the toughest issues using PSTEC.
  • His private client came to him with a specific issue and while Peter helped her using the PSTEC Miracles Program, she also experienced relief from her other issue, fibromyalgia.
  • Peter is also looking to work with a school and helping the children with their emotional challenges and he talks about how he was able to “get his foot in the door.”

Thanks Peter for sharing your tips, suggestions and experiences with us!

We appreciate you leaving your comments and appreciation for Peter down below…

Discover more tips, suggestions and perspectives from a PSTEC Master Practitioner…

PSTEC in the Trenches

Order Peter’s ebook, “PSTEC in the Trenches”… downloadable in pdf form and there are also mp3 audios of Peter reading the ebook to you (2 hours of audio).


PSTEC in the Trenches

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PSTEC in the Trenches
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Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Handled Quickly


    • L August Rockwell
    • July 12, 2015

    I guess other than God and Jesus I’ve never known such a giving person in my life for all the things that you give people as you want them to be well so much it brings tears to my eyes and I love all the things I’ve downloaded so far all those subjects and all the text and the things you hear

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