Free PSTEC Tools and Resources

Tim Phizackerley has not only given the incredible Click Tracks to the world for free, but there are also other tools and resources to help you on your journey to True Freedom!

PSTEC Advanced Part 2 Sampler


Tim Phizackerley, Peter Owen and Jeff Harding recently recorded a discussion to answer questions and offer additional tips to help a certain group of individuals to make their PSTEC work even more effective. That particular group purchased and studied the PSTEC Advanced – Part 2 Package. This recording was a Bonus added to the package after the fact … just more value provided to the users of the PSTEC Advanced – Part 2 package at no extra charge and you can listen in on the first 30 minutes of that discussion at no charge.

PSTEC Mobile Apps

PSTEC now has apps for iPhone and for Android phones and tablets too… at no charge.

PSTEC Webinars

PSTEC Webinars are provided to you at no charge. They cover more specific techniques and how to use your PSTEC Tools more specifically to clear your emotions issues and shift your beliefs and behaviors to achieve the results you desire.


The PSTEC Tools are versatile and can be used on almost any issue involving emotions, beliefs and behaviors. Here are some tips on how to use PSTEC for general as well as specific issues.

Free Basic PSTEC Audio Package

Release Stuck Emotions Quickly with the Click Tracks! This simple, free audio package can change your life!

PSTEC Interviews

Free audio recordings with actual self help users and therapists who will talk about their experiences and will give you tips and suggestions of how to use PSTEC most effectively.


Your Source for Support, Community and Information. Read PSTEC Self Helper and Therapist questions … contribute to the discussion. You can even start your own topic.


Find Out How To Get YOUR PSTEC Question Answered In Person By Tim Phizackerley, the Creator of PSTEC. Just imagine having a direct line to Tim so you can ask any question about PSTEC.

Wealth Of Abundance


PSTEC Wealth of Abundance helps you to stay focused on the correct mind set that allows abundance into your life … and Tim has put this together for you as a gift, but the value is priceless!

Cancer: Free – PSTEC Special

On this Cancer: Free – PSTEC Special package Tim explains cancer related issues in the context of PSTEC and how PSTEC can be helpful.