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Jeffrey Gignac PSTEC Interview – Life without Fear and Anxiety

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Jeffrey GignacJeffrey Gignac, the Founder of Super Mind Science, brings his lifelong experience in NLP, psychology and other unique findings and sciences about the mind to you to help you discover the many options you have that can help you solve insomnia, “tune up your brain and mind,” achieve all that you feel you ought to in life and experiencing all this without fear or anxiety, but in joy and peace.

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Jeffrey Gignac will share with you:

  • His experiences about ADD and ADHD and whether or not it is a permanent life sentence.
  • The difference between “brainwave entrainment” and “brainwave stimulation” techniques and the problems with many offers on the market using those definitions.
  • Specific and free methods of stimulating and strengthening your brain.
  • Plus, much more…

Jeffrey will also introduce to you some solutions he has to help you get started on that path of achievement and ease!Thanks Jeffrey for sharing your insights into the human mind!

We appreciate you leaving your comments and appreciation for Jeffrey down below…

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  1. Reply

    I enjoyed very much your research and personal experience with the development of these amazing tools. As someone personally familiar with these brain technologies and the impact it has had on my own life, I appreciate the place you are at with your development of these tools. I look forward to integrating these entrainment and stimulation sessions for my clients as I believe for many they will provide just the right way to facilitate change in a very organic way. Our brain is our greatest asset I believe you said and getting more intimate with our own brain, learning more about its potential to work better for us and help us to have happier healthier lives, is worth even the smallest effort to begin. Thanks for making your research public with your passion for this subject as well!

      • Jeff Harding
      • May 19, 2014

      Well put, Christine! Keep exploring and experimenting and encouraging your clients to do the same! Mahalo for all you do for yourself and for others… I appreciate what you are doing… appreciate you! Aloha!

    • Katannya van Tyler
    • May 15, 2014

    Jeff, just this morning, while doing my daily exercise routine to your Elite Manifest music, I noticed how peaceful I felt. I was aware of how my body moved and there was no desire to finish it quickly so I can get on with other things. The sounds seemed to lovingly envelop me and keep me in the present. How different that is compared to listening to podcasts or the radio to distract myself during my exercise. I felt grateful to you for making the tools available that are so beneficial. I thought that I would tell you to let you know. and then I forgot. But when I opened my email there was a note from Tim Phizackerley, creator of PSTEC, (I learned about him through you and am doing his work)) who suggested to share on a forum how things are going. Things are going very well. I like the combination of your brain training and Tim’s work. I don’t know how they work so well for me together, except for the benefits I experience. I use both your audios and watch your Inner Genius videos a couple of times each day, and use PSTEC several times a week. It helps me to connect with a place of peace and joy within me. Thanks you.
    Blessings, Katannya.

      • Jeff Harding
      • May 19, 2014

      Maika’i (Excellent), Katannya! The brain… the mind … however you wish to perceive it; bottom line is that, like a tool, if you don’t pay attention to it, develop it and maintain it; then it will “break down” and you will live some form of “default” where you are living and manifesting other peoples’ perceptions and experiences rather than an experience for your Higher Good. And, you will discover the ideal mix or ritual that allows you to connect with your True Self. Once you do that more and more in life, you will amaze yourself and there is no end to the amazement! Mahalo for taking the time, Katannya, to take care of yourself and your mind model (as Tim puts it). Aloha!

    • Sam
    • May 19, 2014

    Hi, it wasn’t so clear? Is Jeffrey making a program for fear and anxiety? If so how can I get it?

      • Jeff Harding
      • May 19, 2014

      Aloha Sam… he is developing a program to reduce or eliminate fear and anxiety. If you sign up for Jeffrey G’s mailing list (follow the link on this page) then he will keep you up to date.

    • Pat Hawkins
    • May 22, 2014

    I wanted to let you know that I purchased the PSTEC basic program a few years ago and downloaded the click track into my iPod because I take it with me when I travel. It came in so handy last October. I had an awful emotional encounter with my son. I was in the middle of emotional crisis, when I went into my bedroom, listened to the click track and immediately calmed down. I have found this program to be absolutely genius. I found the program while exploring EFT online…another technique which had already helped me. So I AM A BELIEVER!

    • Li Kenmore
    • November 11, 2014

    Many thanks for the excellent interview!!! Perfect timing for me!! Now, I am curious about all the other interview!!

    • Garfield
    • March 8, 2015

    Awesome post.

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