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mindfulnessAbout The Author
Tim Phizackerley is an expert on personal change. There are enthusiastic users of his methods all over the world. He has been featured on TV and radio. He is an expert on solutions for stress and other emotional problems. His happiness tools and methods are already being used in a number of UK high schools. His ultra-rapid program for the removal of the fear of flying is currently partnered with a number of major players in the aviation and travel industry (See Fly And Be Calm™). Tim is a professional trainer of mind methods and a therapist. He is also an expert on hypnotism and the subconscious mind. His happiness and empowerment programmes continue to flourish and evolve… and some have undergone translation into a number of languages, most recently Russian. He has worked with people from all walks of life, including a number of well known actors, writers and musicians.

“I teach everyone that happiness is a skill. Fast and effective routes to happiness can be easily taught, and ‘yes’, you can learn them. I’ve been helping people to experience more happiness and empowerment for more than a decade.

Do you know the reliable “happy buttons” that anyone can press? Most people don’t. They also don’t know how to be consistently more confident or more empowered either. And most people don’t know how to sidestep limitations or how to create change fast. These things are ALL skills. I want to teach you how it’s done. More than that, today it’s free. Why?

From time to time I like to earn a few “cosmic brownie points” by giving things of genuine value to people who I’ve never met. It makes me happy to do this and very occasionally I even give away a full course. Today you’re in luck. Today this powerful course is yours as my gift to you, – totally free. Today is definitely the time to decide you want it.

What will you learn on this course? – You’re going to learn things that will truly amaze you I suspect. Normal mindfulness is quite slow. That’s because normal mindfulness courses teach only HALF the story. In reality, mindfulness can be made far more effective, much faster and certainly far easier than the way it’s usually taught.

By taking action, there are things that you can do right now to almost instantly feel happier and more empowered. To do this you need to know what to do. These methods are so simple but so profound. It just makes sense to learn this stuff.

I want to show you a way to create change that will give you faster results, easier results and infinitely better results.
This course will carefully step you through everything that you need via a series of important talks and quick exercises. As you follow what I’m saying you’ll get access to a totally different kind of mindfulness for better results in much much shorter timescales. It’s like suddenly having all the missing pieces to a jigsaw that you couldn’t quite put together before. I think you’ll be very very surprised by what happens when you apply these simple methods. See you on the inside.

Here on this course…

  • Learn how to turbo-charge absolutely any mindfulness program for maximum effect.
  • Discover the commonest mindfulness pitfalls. Exactly what they are, and also how to avoid them.
  • Understand how to quickly rethink problems.
  • Explore the secrets of success and how to bypass personal ‘limitations’. (You’ll learn how to remove almost any personal limitation you can imagine.)
  • Find out how to get much better results all of the time and in much shorter timescales.
  • Get access to new ways of thinking to greatly empower yourself.
  • Learn the secret of how to deal with stress in minutes and often once and for all.
  • Become more confident by learning how.
  • Discover how to quickly remove fears and emotional trauma.
  • And much much more.

More than two hours of powerful, easy to follow, expert training. You’ll also get helpful summary information in pdf form and also a quick start introduction.
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