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3 Years in the Making … for Therapists, Practitioners and Coaches …

If You Are Not Offering The PSTEC Miracles Program to Your Clients You Are Doing Things the Hard Way!

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  • With PSTEC Miracles you can get great results for your clients.
  • PSTEC Miracles is a six session programme designed to give your clients spectacular results as well as teaching them lifetime skills.
  • These are a standardised six sessions with every client. Multiple uses. Highly structured. Always know what to do next! Wonderful results and predictable benefits.
  • This is also a 100% ethical way to work. It’s ethical because it’s designed to give EVERY client truly spectacular change and they’ll know at the outset how many sessions are exactly required.
  • Tim will take you through it all step by step in 60 amazing pages designed to help you build your business by giving every client awesome results.

The PSTEC Miracles instructions are FREE to every therapist using PSTEC in their practice…

It’s completely free.
There is nothing to buy – EVER.
Tim is giving this entire product to you.

You’re gonna love this so much you absolutely have to listen to the free webinar, “Introduction to The PSTEC Miracles Program for Therapists, Counselors, Practitioners and Coaches.”

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NOT suited to self help.

Therapists ONLY.
We ask for your therapy website URL in order to assess suitability.
“PSTEC Miracles” is only available to therapists who are clearly offering PSTEC to clients as an integral part of their practice. 

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