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How to Deal with Intense Emotions and Thoughts About COVID-19 (Corona Virus) With the PSTEC Tools – Part 3

We continue with the final Part of this 3-part series with more tips and suggestions in dealing with the issues surrounding COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

COVID-19 Corona Virus Facemask

We solicited questions and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 issues in the world today from PSTEC users.

Tim Phizackerley, creator and founder of PSTEC and Jeff Harding, Master Practitioner, talk about how to approach the common issues that were raised by various users.

Tim and Jeff not only talk about the fears and beliefs around the corona virus but also the many challenges everyone is encountering as a result of the cures and preventions that are being thrust into everyone’s life.

This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series
PSTEC and COVID-19 (Corona Virus)


Today’s environment has created financial uncertainty for millions … perhaps billions … and the change was sudden where people felt secure just a couple months ago and are now panicking.

So, Tim and Jeff spent most of this final part talking about how to approach fears and beliefs that many people are facing in terms of financial, job and business issues.

In the PSTEC and COVID-19 (Corona Virus) – Part 3 audio listed above, we cover the following topics or issues and how to use PSTEC to help you transcend these issues…

  • How to reduce the fear of losing a job
  • Addressing fears and anxieties around how you will survive because you can’t work or have lost your job because of the forced shutdowns of many businesses
  • What to do about sadness for the countless number of people facing financial challenges and uncertainty.
  • And much, much more…

Here are links to some of the PSTEC Tools mentioned in the 3-Part Series …

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Level 1 Package (includes PSTEC Positive) …

Belief Blasters…

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No More Anger…

Stress in the Moment

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