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How to Follow the PSTEC Instructions … Even with Physical Issues

“It Is Simple and Like Magic!”

This is an interview by Jeff Harding where he talks with a PSTEC Practitioner named Janice from Carterville, Georgia, USA.

This recording is a bit longer than most of our stories (about 45 minutes) but may give you some ideas, tips and help when you encounter the issue of having some physical challenges and also if you wish to hold some PSTEC workshops in your area … Janice has already run with that and has experienced some wonderful results in her workshops. A wonderful moment of sharing by Janice.
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Janice is experienced in several healing modalities and, bless her heart … a heart of gold by the way … she is always looking for more effective and simpler ways to help her clients eliminate fear and help to heal physical issues.

What she has found as a practitioner is that, unlike other modalities, her clients do not necessarily have to share the details of their issue with her if they don’t want to. She will show you how simple PSTEC can be to use with your clients and others.

She talks about how she conducts her PSTEC workshops in Carterville, Georgia and will give you her step-by-step approach on how to have successful workshops with PSTEC… and she keeps them right around an hour or less. The feedback from people that attend her workshops on how they feel is… “excited, calm, serene, relaxed… free.”

Also, she talks about some of her specific healing experiences with PSTEC, including:

  • 25 years of anger … gone with one workshop session.
  • Physical symptoms of a rumbling stomach, nausea, belching, etc. With the PSTEC Click Track, Janice was able to help this person clear it up like magic.
  • Fear of a 12 hour surgery … again, “like magic,” this person was overjoyed and blissful … AND Janice helped her uncover and heal an old emotional issue as well as helping her deal with the physical issues of the surgery.
  • Janice also talks about clearing up her own personal, emotional memories… no one is exempt from healing with Janice… not even herself.

Thanks Janice for sharing your professional thoughts and perspectives … and for your dedication to helping people find overcome their anger and physical issues to find more relief, joy and peace in life.

PSTEC Stories and Interviews are about how everyday people with everyday issues are using PSTEC to help them transcend those issues. These stories are provided to help you learn ways that PSTEC might help you or give you tips about how to use PSTEC.

These are actual stories and events representing this individual’s particular experience and while the stories and experiences are quite impressive, they do not guarantee nor indicate that you would also achieve the same results.

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    • Pat Paolozzi
    • August 7, 2010

    Dear Friend, Janice,
    Thank you for sharing and for being there whenever needed. Your devotion to humanity and willingness to help each and everyone of us is the example to follow.

    • Emille Boland
    • August 7, 2010

    Hi Janice

    Thank you for sharing this audio. It was encouraging. I run workshops too in other modalities. I have got some ideas now of how to use Pstec in a group.



    • cherie
    • May 24, 2011

    Hello I would like to say that this free product has become my Godsend!! I have tried several therapies over the decades,and am also trained in Reiki and Hypnotherapy, so I do see where your going with this, and understand the process of the tools. excellent way of bypassing the critical mind to begin the healing with the subconscious mind memory bank, I have had a very brutal upbringing so there has been alot of memories to deal with!!!! and how paralysing and damaging they are….
    well done for offering a tool that is devastatingly amazing and to offer the initial audio free helps a lot of people who don’t have the finances to access the help that is so desperately needed!!! make no mistake folks this does work,and am now starting with helping members of my family to heal and move through their memories with this tool… will keep you posted
    my humble thanks and best wishes to you.

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