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Barriers to Business Success, Abundance, and Peace in a 60 year Relationship… All Collapsed with PSTEC… in About 6 Weeks!

This is an interview by Jeff Harding where he talks with Karen Mead, aroma therapist and PSTEC user, about using PSTEC on Business and Abundance Issues, Relationship Problems and even a Health Aspect.


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(The audio is about one hour… you can download it to your computer or listen here online.)

Wow!  This interview was packed not only with Karen’s story of transcending some loooooooooong standing barriers, but some cool “how to” stuff too on success and abundance.

Karen was no stranger to change work… been at it for quite a while with various modalities and while things were “better,” the results
were not as she desired… something was missing.

Along came PSTEC in her experience and she has put her head down and plowed through the tougher issues right away… nice courage, Karen!

As Karen says about PSTEC, “Startling!”

She talks about her incredible business and abundance story; about how she has come to peace within her mind with her mother over issues that span over 60 years; and she has begun to use PSTEC on pain and health issuesall within the first 6 weeks!!!

In this audio, Karen will share her experiences and some tips that just might help you over those obstacles as they relate to success and abundance:

  • Have you struggled with getting your business off the ground beyond the “hobby” stage?  Listen as Karen talks about how she discovered the long standing abundance issues and cleared them away with just a couple sessions with the free Basic PSTEC Package.
  • Karen mentions three beliefs surrounding success and abundance… you might have these too… and how she handled them with PSTEC.
  • How after clearing the “money issues,” Karen was able to wake up the next day and KNOW exactly what to do… with joy and excitement… and she connected with someone that may raise her business up a another level… or ten levels!
  • She also talks about how she handles the resistance that is in the way… very simple… very effective.
  • Then, we talked about her long standing anxiety when talking with her mother… for over 60 years!  Nothing has really touched this issue in the past.  With a couple sessions using PSTEC, she is not affected by the relationship, in fact, Karen is able to feel deep and unconditional love and compassion for her mother as well as an abiding peace for herself… is there anything more valuable than that?
  • Karen also talked about using PSTEC for a new and current conflict with someone… one session with PSTEC… done!
  • Lastly, she talks about how she is using PSTEC on some stomach pain… again… gone!

So, we cover business, relationships and health for you here.

Get a notepad and listen in with us.

Mahalo Karen… not only for your tips, but your transparency that will help many, many

PSTEC Stories are about how everyday people with everyday issues are using PSTEC to help them transcend those issues. These stories are provided to help you learn ways that PSTEC might help you or give you tips about how to use PSTEC. These are actual stories and events representing this individual’s particular experience and while the
stories and experiences are quite impressive, they do not guarantee nor indicate that you would also achieve the same results.
Please leave your comments for Karen below…
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    • Michael Johnson
    • November 10, 2010

    Dear Jeff & Karen, I was sooo blessed and encouraged by this interview. I am now in a state of heightened/acute ANTICIPATION, regarding all the major areas of my life. I will definitely listen at least one more time.

    And Jeff, I really don’t know how you are able to response to our emails so quickly but it really does give me the feeling of being richly served. Jeff,I am very motivated to become a PSTEC practitioner and for sure you will be hearing a lot more from me. YOU DA MAN, JEFF !

    Sincerely, MJ

      • admin
      • November 10, 2010

      Hey MJ… mahalo for your kind words… I appreciate your expression and especially for your persistence in working on allowing more abundance in your Life… I appreciate you! Eh, tanks Brudder! Here for ya…Aloha nui loa!

    • Heather Pollard
    • November 11, 2010

    Hi Karen and Jeff

    Listened to this twice at 5am! … and took notes all through.

    The similarities of Karen’s money VS earning a great living doing what we love most, story and previous situation regarding her mother, resonated (soooh much) with my own.
    Even to our (therapy) lifestyles and ages! Spooky!

    I have the PSTEC download and CD already yet – something (!?) has stopped me using them! I guess we all know what THAT is!

    I feel inspired to now take ACTION and ‘allow’ the outcome I need and want – but have been too scared to go for.

    Thank you both for this synchronistic download and sharing xx

    Heather Pollard – ENGLAND,UK

      • admin
      • November 11, 2010

      You’re always welcome, Heather… I had a feeling Karen’s story and skill at doing her personal work would be an inspiration and even a practical guide to many.
      Keep up the good work, Heather!

  1. Reply

    Thank you Karen and Geof. Loved this interview.Just brilliant. Going to let loads listen to this. I am busy working with a local school here in the UK ( with Tim’s permission of course) using the PSTEC on ADHD and other labeled issues etc with amazing results so far.Early days yet and will keep in touch..It’s people like yourselves who give the time with Geof to spread the amazing PSTEC word via speech.Thanks Guys.

    ps..I can reflect to some of the things you talked about Karen with myself.Soon to be sorted out via the Click Tracks.

    Kind Regards Mike

      • admin
      • November 11, 2010

      Hi Mike… I appreciate your work in taking this to the younger ones… the sooner we begin to help them at an early age, the even bigger impact they can have on the collective consciousness as a whole… Great example and wonderful inspiration, Mike!
      Aloha my friend!!

    • Tim Phiz....
    • November 11, 2010

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for using PSTEC so intelligently. I’m delighted that you have been able to enjoy such wonderful shifts in so many aspects of your life using the tools I created for the purpose.

    Your method of using the free PSTEC audio for change has clearly worked extremely well. I’m sure a great many people will be grateful to you for sharing your personal experience of this.

    I’d also like to say a big thank you for being so candid. And also to Jeff for his wonderful ability to put these interviews together. Thanks to you both. I hope that as a result, others will be able to enjoy similar “stunning” results.

    – Tim

    • Karen Mead
    • November 15, 2010

    Wow – I am just delighted that all of you can relate to the issues I talked about. I do feel that while they are unique for me, they are also so universal.
    I am so grateful to Tim for creating this amazing tool.
    Isn’t it wonderful to know help is easily available?
    Best wishes to you all.

    • Ben
    • November 16, 2010

    Karen & Jeff: many thanks for sharing. Karen’s story is very much mine too, in essence. I am beginning to understand how the world we see is a holographic representation of our States of Mind, every “state” being a belief,part of a multitude of beliefs all entangled, like a ball of elastic bands. When using Pstec, we remove one or more beliefs and our worldview changes accordingly. The more we work on these mostly hidden beliefs , the smaller the ball of resistance becomes.All this is another way of working with forgiveness.
    The realisation that this forgiveness process goes very deep urges me to continue using PStec and allied “methods” and not think that one session clears all.
    Blessings to all. Ben(UK)

      • admin
      • November 16, 2010

      Hi Ben… ah, yes… ’tis a tangled web we weave… you’re exactly right. While we can get relief and some “ah-hah’s” and shifts right away, the overall shifts and change may take some time. How much time I am asked quite often… only you know for you. So, jump right in (the water’s fine) and find out. Consistency will be the determining factor as to how long. Because if we turn on the Click Track once a year… eh, hardly noticeable changes. Once a month, ok, better, but not very much. Once a week, very nice, that could make some noticeable shifts. Once a day… hey, now you’re talkin’! So, just take one issue at a time, as Karen did, and keep clickin’… be ready to be amazed with yourself!

    • Phyllis Papen Lowe
    • April 17, 2012

    Hi Karen,

    I just finished listing to Jeff’s interview with you and want to thank you for the amazing sharing of your personal life. The examples of how you used PSTEC in a positive way are so powerful.

    At Jeff’s recommendation, I started using PSTEC around Nov 2010 during a five month hospital/nursing home stay and cancer treatments. I used PSTEC for multiple daily-recurring panic attacks involving three operations, 14 transfusions, not being able to swallow for 52 days and in the car on the way to 28 radiation treatments. God and PSTEC got me through the fear, stress and anxiety.

    It’s been 19 months, I am cancer free but dealing with a paralyzed diaphragm and use supplemental oxygen. It’s been a long recovery and I have far to go. After listening to your interview, I now understand how to shorted my recovery and even get greater results than the doctors think achievable using PSTEC.

    I am part of a cancer support group. My goal is that PSTEC becomes a standard tool our group refers cancer patients to. On a weekly basis I am sending people to your website and encouraging them to use the tools you provide.

    Both my husband and I posted a message about PSTEC on our Facebook pages today.

    I am truly grateful for all your help in my life and that you share this so freely.
    God bless you all.

    • Saurabh
    • December 23, 2012

    Hi Karen … great information about having an attitude of gratitude. It makes such a difference to have a positive attitude in life and reminding ourselves about the things we are grateful for helps when that negative day comes along. I like the idea of having a journal; great way to reinforce the positive. Thanks for a great story!

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