How Can PSTEC Be Used To Stop Yourself Smoking?

PSTEC Stop Smoking

Have you discovered the amazing power of the free PSTEC tools?

If you have, then imagine the same power being applied to switch off your smoking habit as well.

We all know that stopping smoking requires a degree of will power but like everything else, success is easiest when you go about things in the correct way and using the most powerful tools. On this system Tim will show you step by step exactly how to stop smoking no matter how many you smoke right now. And you’ll get the tools you need to stop smoking.

Here is a comment that was received when a therapist applied these methods to his own long time smoking habit.

Hiya Tim,
This is one for even though I have been a therapist for over 25 years Ive always had a problem with smoking (hung head in shame). I have recently tried to stop yet again and after all of my own suggestions and will power and imagery I failed dismally. Two weeks of hell.

I recently downloaded the anti smoking programme (therapists version) and I have been listening and learning all about it since. I did my 2 days smoke free and on the third day I was so ready to be switched off. High anxious state about 8 on the scale. Since then I cannot connect to it any more never mind think of smoking. I’m relaxed and stress free as regarding being a non smoker. Wish I had this 30 years ago.
Fantastic work Tim. I will be teaching everyone about this.
Kind Regards Mike
(Mike Wells, Morecambe Hypnotherapy Centre & PSTEC level 1 Practioner)
Enquiries is 07735089653. Email:

(Note: Anyone near Mike can now benefit from his expertise and personal experience of success in using this system)

But this is even better because…

With this self help system you’ll get additional help and instructions not even found on the therapists version.

PLUS you’ll get a very special audio which you’ll be able to use whilst actually smoking to re-educate your subconscious, kill the habit, be released and enjoy the freedom you once enjoyed without cigarettes.
In fact …By now Tim has perfected every aspect of this system for self help to stop smoking so you can help yourself.

This includes comprehensive instructions, special PSTEC primers, special PSTEC click track, PSTEC positive click tracks, hypnotic audio, additional information, etc… In fact everything you need to stop smoking.

FACT:  No system is perfect but on this audio system Tim teaches you the CORRECT way to stop smoking by using PSTEC tracks and methods to change the part of the mind that controls your smoking habits forever.

He also explains exactly how cigarettes affect your mind, your thinking, your feelings, and even your decision making. In fact smokers become so used to this control they don’t even notice it.

Okay, here’s a very simple example to illustrate the sinister way that cigarettes can affect something such as simple decision making.
Look at these facts and then answer the question that follows:

  • Fact 1. You almost certainly know EXACTLY how extremely effective PSTEC can be.
    (If you don’t then try the free stuff…. you’ll soon discover for yourself)
  • Fact 2. You want to stop smoking. (That’s why you’re reading this)
  • Fact 3. Stopping smoking is known to bring you better health and increased levels of happiness.
    (You want to be happy and healthy)
  • Fact 4. Stopping will save you a fortune on cigarettes.
  • Fact 5. This system is very inexpensive. Stop for even a week or so and you’ll easily save the purchase price

You know all those things are absolutely true. But because of the control cigarettes have over decision making it’s almost a certainty that even now you’re hesitating, unsure whether you should buy this. It’s true isn’t it? A non smoker would have no doubts. The future non smoker in you, would tell you what you need to do in a second.

So to break that control for a moment….Answer this simple question fully and honestly.

“With such a great system and so many benefits what SPECIFICALLY are you waiting for?”

Now is your time to take back control. Feel Good. Be Relaxed. Do it. Become a non smoker.
Sit back, relax and let these audios do nearly all the work for you!

(Total Running Time in excess of 2 hours)
This Download File size is approx 55 Mb

Buy Now for ONLY $67.00

PSTEC Stop Smoking - Self Help