The PSTEC Tools are versatile and can be used on almost any issue involving emotions, beliefs and behaviors. Here are some tips on how to use PSTEC for general as well as specific issues.

Rethink Allergies with PSTEC


Tim talks about rethinking how we view allergies and the healing or overcoming allergies.

Embracing Change

I have always said that “Change is easy when we want to change.” So, using the various PSTEC Tools for releasing emotions, shifting beliefs and behaviors and changing your overall mind model… your perceptions … is also easy… almost like point and click… literally. Change is Simple, but it’s Hard But, some say, change is hard… […]

Childbirth and PSTEC


Free PSTEC Tips… Prepare for a More Smooth and Enjoyable Childbirth with PSTEC *Listen using the audio player below or Download the mp3 file and listen on any of your devices.* A question came through PSTEC Support: “I’m curious after reading the story about Tim’s wife with pain management after her surgery….could this work in delivering a […]

Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC – Interview with Bob Doyle


This free audio recording is a sample of the full interview with Bob Doyle that is available in Module 3 of Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC…

PSTEC Advanced Part 2 Sampler


Tim Phizackerley, Peter Owen and Jeff Harding recently recorded a discussion to answer questions and offer additional tips to help a certain group of individuals to make their PSTEC work even more effective. That particular group purchased and studied the PSTEC Advanced – Part 2 Package. This recording was a Bonus added to the package after the fact … just more value provided to the users of the PSTEC Advanced – Part 2 package at no extra charge and you can listen in on the first 30 minutes of that discussion at no charge.

PSTEC for Children, Schools and Other Organizations with Mike Wells – Part 2 of 2


This one is a treat … Mike Wells has gifted this one to the PSTEC Community and we all owe Mike our gratitude! In this recording, Mike talks about the following: What is most important with working with children as clients.  Actually, this is important for ANY client. Tips about discovering more about your client’s […]

PSTEC for Children, Schools and Other Organizations – Introduction – Part 1 of 2


Tim Phizackerley, Creator and Founder of PSTEC and Jeff Harding, PSTEC Master Practitioner, introduce the incredible contribution from Mike Wells, Expert Therapist. Mike gives you a free tutorial on how to effectively use PSTEC with children and schools. He helps young people clear their emotional distress and actually improve not only their enjoyment of life but also school and their ability to learn.

Bullying and PSTEC Positive


Bullying is a problem that you have come across in your life in some manner. PSTEC Positive has some incredible power in addressing the issue of bullying.

How to Use PSTEC to Handle the Fear of Death


This is a FREE PSTEC Tip… It is a recording of a conversation Jeff Harding had with Tim Phizackerely on how to use the PSTEC Tools to deal with the Fear of Death.

Using PSTEC on Situations That Do Not Have Strong Emotions

This is a FREE PSTEC Tip on how to use PSTEC when you do not feel strong emotions about an issue. It’s easier than you think.

How to Use PSTEC for Trading Stocks

This is a FREE PSTEC Tip on how to use PSTEC to help in stock trading.