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Using PSTEC on Situations That Do Not Have Strong Emotions

Can you use PSTEC on situations that do not have a lot of strong emotion?

Yes, indeed you can. The results will of course be most dramatic when PSTEC is used on any feeling that is very strong because the difference between that feeling at the start of the PSTEC process and at the end of the process will be greatest.

Human behavior is driven very much by feelings, and since you can use the PSTEC process to neutralize pretty much any feeling, you can use it to change behaviors too. As long as you can identify the feelings at work, irrespective of how highly charged they may be, you can use the PSTEC process to create the desired changes.

You might consider listening in to one of the PSTEC Interviews. This one is with Michael and is entitled, “I Have No Feelings or Memories.”

Click on this link to find the audio player to listen in…

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