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How to Use PSTEC for Trading Stocks

I thought it might be interesting to show you how diverse the uses of PSTEC can be.

If you ever play the stock market then PSTEC can help you.

I don’t know anything about trading stocks and shares personally but a number of people have been using PSTEC for this purpose.

PSTEC it seems can be especially useful for traders who want to eliminate emotion from their trading decisions.

When emotions rise, it is usually because of fear or greed and those emotions are based upon past experiences that have existed in your subconscious for many, many years.

Let’s take fear as an example.

Is the fear valid in the present moment?  Perhaps it is and if you are able to be rational, then you can assess the situation more calmly and effectively.

But, if your emotions are running rather haphazard, then you, quite often, are put into a state of reacting to a fear that may no longer apply in the present situation.

In other words, your emotions take control and you are out of control … and so is your stock trading!

This has long been a challenge for those involved in the stock market and now PSTEC provides the means to help you become a rational and quite possibly a more successful stock trader too.

In fact, Tim talks about day trading on the original PSTEC website and he gives an example of how to use PSTEC for day trading.

In fact PSTEC can also be used to eliminate the emotion from all kinds of business decisions, not just stock or day trading.

Hopefully by now you’ve already tried the free PSTEC audios.

If not then why wait?

And, if you have already tried the free Basic PSTEC Click Tracks on some issues, consider looking at any of your business issues and see if there are some emotions and feelings that are unpleasant.

Feeling something other than joy, peace and excitement about your stock trading or other business practices?  That would be your first clue about an issue you could possibly handle easily and quickly with PSTEC.

You could continue to struggle or try using PSTEC to clear the way for you.

This could be the best business advice you have ever received … and … only one way to find out.

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    • Derek Prince
    • May 31, 2012

    I wanted to type a quick comment in order to thank you for some of the fantastic ideas on trading because I realize how important my mind, attitude and perceptions are to help me with successful trading. Thank you once again for everything.

    • Milo Lentine
    • June 18, 2012

    Thank you a lot for giving everyone remarkable info and fabulous tactics as well. Certainly two ideas in this recording have been very effective for me. Thank you again!

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