PSTEC Story - Mary Ann
"Fear Swallowed Me Up for 2 Years…
PSTEC Made Life Sunny Again!"

Mary Ann had experienced a breakdown and was terrified of dying… for two years!

“I could not think of anything else but the fear… it swallowed me up and I didn’t care
about anything or anybody… I wasn’t the same loving person.”

So, Mary Ann would drag herself around… she was lucky if she could get up before noon and,
even then, she would end up on the couch for most of the day.

Over a weekend, PSTEC got her back on her feet … literally!

That first weekend using PSTEC, she was actually up at 6am for an auction.
Then, over to church and, you know what?
The loving Mary Ann is back!

"For 2 years I didn’t have my life… now it’s sunny. You should have seen my life before and then after PSTEC.”

Mary Ann's experience is based upon her use of only the free Basic PSTEC Audio Package.
PSTEC Stories are about how everyday people with everyday issues are using PSTEC to help them
transcend those issues.  These stories are provided to help you learn ways that PSTEC might help you or
give you tips about how to use PSTEC.

These are actual stories and events representing this individual's particular experience and while
the stories and experiences are quite impressive, they do not guarantee nor indicate that you
would also acheive the same results.