How To Get YOUR PSTEC Question Answered In Person By Tim Phizackerley, (Creator of PSTEC)

Imagine you could have a direct line to Tim so you can ask a question about PSTEC.

Perhaps, there’s something you’ve wondered about, or maybe something you may want clarified.

Well this is your chance to have your question answered in person by Tim.

Other people sometimes ask great questions too, so what about also having the chance to hear his answers to other people’s questions as well? Sounds good doesn’t it? We hope so.

Okay, here’s the thing, Tim’s now so busy that he’s had to almost shut down his email, but he still wants to answer important questions so this is why the PSTEC Q&A service has been created.

You can now ask Tim a question through the PSTEC QandA Sessions.

If you leave a question and he answers it, you will be given a direct reply in person from Tim at no charge.

So, be sure to leave your name and email address on the recording (spell out each letter to ensure accuracy).

Better than that, we are going to collect questions and answers together, so you can listen and learn from other people’s questions and answers as well, so if you ask a question you do need to be aware that it will be made available to others through this PSTEC Q&A service.

What will it cost?

It will cost you absolutely nothing to ask a question.

(Tim will try to answer as many as he can but with thousands of people now using PSTEC he can’t guarantee to answer every single one.)

If your question is answered, as long as you supply correct contact details we’ll send you Tim’s expert personal reply for free.

Members of the PSTEC Register will get free access to ALL of Tim’s answers to questions.


Anyone who wants to hear the Q&A recordings will be able to purchase them. (low price)

Key Facts.

*** Single questions only please! ****

*** Tim will try to answer as many as possible ***

*** If your question is answered by Tim we’ll send you his personal reply for free ***

*** Questions and answers will also be collected together and offered for sale to all PSTEC users ***

*** PSTEC Register members will get full access to all questions and Tim’s answers for free ***

***** Note: Tim is not accepting questions via email *****

There are two ways to leave your question…

1. Please leave your PSTEC question by using this voice recording system below


  • You must have a microphone available on your computer to take advantage of this recording feature.
  • When you record your question, be sure to give your name and email address (email address will not be shared and will be edited out of the recording)… spell out your name and email address so we can send you a copy of Tim’s Answer via email.
  • Click the “Start Recording” button below
  • Follow the directions in the Recorder window.
  • Also, please send a separate email to timsanswer (at) notifying us that you sent a voice message through the system.

2. You can use the PSTEC phone line to leave a message… it is a US phone number and you are responsible for any phone charges.

US phone number: 1 + 512-827-0505; Extension 9193

Be sure to state your name and spell your email address so we can send Tim’s reply to you

(your email address will be removed before publishing)


Note: Tim is not accepting questions via email.

If you only wish to submit questions in writing, then you can submit questions and start discussions at the PSTEC Forum.  Tim does not answer questions on the PSTEC Forum, but other experienced PSTEC practitioners will be able to help you there…

Again, Tim does not answer questions submitted via email.


We appreciate sharing your questions with us and the PSTEC Community.

*Please Note: As well as providing this service for free, questions and answers will be collected together as packages for sale at a low price for the benefit of ALL PSTEC users. By asking a question you accept that the question and answer will be shared with other members of the PSTEC community. Personal identities will be removed from questions.”