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Leave Your Very Own Spoken Message About Your Success With PSTEC to encourage other people

Sharing positive experience feels wonderful and talking about positive change helps to reinforce those positive feelings within you.

Click on the tab on the right to leave a video or an audio recording of your PSTEC Story

When you’ve had a positive experience with PSTEC, you can easily leave a short spoken message telling other people how well PSTEC has worked for you.

In other words, you can be the inspiration to other people by telling them about your very own success with PSTEC.

Suitable messages will be made available to other PSTEC users and may be edited either for clarity, brevity and perhaps for other reasons such as usefulness to others. If you decide to give your name please just give your first name. If you would rather leave you message anonymously then don’t give a name at all. Your message can still be an inspiration. We can’t guarantee to use absolutely every experience but we will do our best to share as many of the most useful, instructive and inspiring submissions possible.

Note to therapists: If you’re a therapist, then it’s also absolutely fine to mention your practice as long as contact details are supplied.