Stress Be Gone – Part 1- Head off Stress Before It Pops Up

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Bonus QandA with Tim and Jeff

bonus-blueAnswering some Common Questions about Issues regarding Money, Guilt around Giving Gifts and Stress Over Your Finances During the Holidays

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    • Karen
    • November 23, 2012

    I can’t thank you enough for providing the free help. I don’t have the funds for the extras so I feel privileged to access this! If you address my suggestion regarding Christmas and the sorrow that people feel as they no longer have loved ones in their lives due to death, family estrangement etc. along with the possible lack of other relationships and and recall what Christmas used to look like with it’s warmth, love, and friendships – and now that it ‘s no longer there – that is so excruciatingly painful and makes one not want to deal with Christmas. I know we can volunteer and help others and have done lots of that – but it doesn’t fill my loss or need. My heart hurts for this lack. Can you help? thank you!!!

  1. Reply

    Hi Karen, You can use the basic click tracks for any kind of grief. The principle is to think about the loss whatever it is. At the same time try REALLY REALLY hard to feel ONLY sadness and grief throughout the entire track.  And throughout this process  follow the tapping sequences as fully as possible. 
    The same method applies to loss of anyone or anything, or any situation in which it would be felt very keenly. You’re already imagining how you expect to feel so you need to cluck track that imagined scenario. 
    PSTEC Positive can then be used to add to this by giving suggestions that you’ll see opportunity it to find happiness in other ways. PSTEC Level 1 and PSTEC Positive secrets are the tutorials/extras which would be most useful in this regard.

    • irene
    • December 10, 2012

    i tried your method just days ago on a relative i know would be a problem on a gathering together i used your your level 1 click track on all the feeling fron the past with this person and the things she says i think to hurt me emotionally, i was amased how much i enjoyed myself i am the one who always ends up with these type of people and i end up resenting them and my partner as no one wants to be with them and because i feel or a belife that we must help these people i fell sorry for them and thrn recent my partner for not helping me . but this changed for the first time in years. but i didnt even know it was down to my belife’s .

      • Jeff Harding
      • December 10, 2012

      Very nice, Irene. It sounds like you followed Tim’s instructions perfectly. It is amazing how you can shift your own personal perspective with the PSTEC Tools and then your experience can change drastically! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself. I encourage you not to stop there, but continue releasing more and more and creating more and more miracles for yourself!

    • Jeff
    • January 24, 2013

    Hey Guys. I used the initial free package to deal with my longstanding fear of heights and although it’s not gone completely I was able to decorate the top of our 12 foot Christmas tree with ease. This is something that has always caused me great anxiety. I teach Stand up comedy in Atlanta and I’m now recommending it to students who suffer from forms of stage freight. I look forward to see how that turns out.

      • Jeff Harding
      • January 24, 2013

      Good work, Jeff! Any time you can find peace where you previously suffered is a step in the direction of correcting errors in your mind. Continue what you did with the Christmas tree scenario to the other aspects of the height phobia, including the consideration of beliefs and using PSTEC Positive. Remember, if it’s not J.E.E.P.; Click Track it! Aloha!

  2. Reply

    Thanks Tim and Jeff,
    your generosity is appreciated. It is obvious that you are very compassionate and dedicated to helping people with this wonderful technique (PSTEC)

      • Jeff Harding
      • January 24, 2013

      Aloha Terry… you’re always welcome! And we appreciate not only your kind words, but also for doing your own personal work with the PSTEC Tools … we appreciate and admire each and every person that keeps letting go of those pesky “non-J.E.E.P. emotional issues. Malama Pono (take care, be right)!

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