Success and Abundance

PSTEC isn't just about clearing out the "garbage". It's also about shifting your expectations and perceptions of what you can do in life. If you want more success, abundance and joy in life, you can establish new patterns of whatever you desire. Tim Phizackerley and the PSTEC Suite of Tools can help you to find more success and abundance while remaining at peace and in joy!

Jeffrey Gignac PSTEC Interview – Life without Fear and Anxiety


Jeffrey Gignac, Founder of Super Mind Science, helps you discover mind science techniques to help you achieve your desires with joy and peace.

Super Change Your Life


Stanley Bronstein, the Creator and Founder of Super Change your Life, shares his story about overcoming an incredible weight challenge (he has lost over 100 pounds) and also finally transcending a life of pain and disappointment as he changed his life to an abundance of peace and joy.

Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC – Interview with Bob Doyle


This free audio recording is a sample of the full interview with Bob Doyle that is available in Module 3 of Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC…

Another Side Benefit of PSTEC – Wil’s Update


Dread, anxiety and a sense of doom were the issues Wil began clearing using PSTEC. He then graduated to using PSTEC Advanced that helped him take his healing to another level, including a side benefit of losing weight. Then, Wil called with even greater news…

Super Learning, Improved Retention and Memory


Super Learning, Improved Retention and Memory – Carole, PSTEC User, talks about how PSTEC Positive helped her retain more of her studies, reading and also to learn a new language.

PSTEC Peak Performance

You’ll get a bundle of tracks you can use to program your mind for peak performance, and success with almost anything you want in the shortest time possible.

PSTEC Essentials

We call these the PSTEC Essentials because these packages include tutorials and actual “tools for change” that can release the most deep seeded emotions, shift incredibly stubborn limiting beliefs and change behaviors that are seemingly impossible to change. Immerse yourself with the PSTEC Essentials and you have the tools to change your life!

How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way

How to “re-pattern your life” for whatever successes you want … the easy way.

Wealth Of Abundance


PSTEC Wealth of Abundance helps you to stay focused on the correct mind set that allows abundance into your life … and Tim has put this together for you as a gift, but the value is priceless!

Success With PSTEC & PSTEC Positive

Discover how to be most successful with PSTEC. In this package, you get the PSTEC Positive Tracks; you specify changes and then install them using the PSTEC Positive system. (Note: These tracks are a part of the Level 1 Package which is your best value)

PSTEC Positive Empowered

PSTEC isn’t just about clearing out the “garbage”. You also want to more success and that’s why Tim used his extensive knowledge to create this special “no tapping” package.

Barriers to Business Success, Abundance, and Peace in a 60 year Relationship… All Collapsed with PSTEC… in About 6 Weeks!


This is a FREE Recording of a PSTEC Interview with Karen Mead. This interview was packed not only with Karen’s story of transcending some loooooooooong standing barriers, but some cool “how to” stuff too on success and abundance.

How to Use PSTEC for Trading Stocks

This is a FREE PSTEC Tip on how to use PSTEC to help in stock trading.