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How to Super Change Your Life
PSTEC Interview – Stanley Bronstein

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Stanley Bronstein, the Creator and Founder of Super Change your Life, shares his story about overcoming an incredible weight challenge (he has lost over 100 pounds) and also finally transcending a life of pain and disappointment as he changed his life to an abundance of peace and joy.

Stanley will share:

  • What triggered him to finally and permanently lose over a 100 pounds… and keep it off.
  • The difference between “major changes” and “super changes” and why this is crucial to creating a wonderful life for yourself.
  • The 3 steps to permanently losing his unwanted weight … and the first step has nothing to do with food or exercise.
  • Why playing the game is a problem, keeps you stuck and why you must “stop playing the game.”

Tim Phizackerley will share some comments at the end of the recording (less than 5 minutes) on how to make the changes in your life now instead of waiting for the ideal conditions to occur.

Make that “super change” now, do it intentionally and do it on your own terms!

Thanks Stanley for volunteering to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

We appreciate you leaving your comments and appreciation for Stanley down below…

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