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Melody Finally Put Her Trust in PSTEC and Broke Free!!

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Break free with PSTECMelody was down and out … no, that’s not probably accurate … she was feeling and experiencing the lowest point of her entire life.

She lost her job … lost her house … went through a divorce.

So, she tried to pick herself up, but …

Melody was told, she was too educated, too old, too … on and on.
Everything in her life experience was validating what others said about her chances of living in joy, peace, abundance, success and in love.

You’re probably thinking… well, it all turned out for her, right?

Not yet…

Melody lived with fear and hopelessness  … and unemployment for over 5 years!

She said that she was afraid to see the garbage in her mind that caused her life experiences and she denied her ability to transcend it.
So, she kept all the garbage … she allowed the fear and hopelessness to define her.

Someone helped to encourage her … “kept at her” … and when she finally put her trust in Tim’s Tools… the PSTEC Tools … not only did the garbage recede, but she was able to redefine herself!

Mike Wells, PSTEC Master Pracitioner, is the one who kept at her … guided her a bit to get her started so that she was more willing to use and trust in the PSTEC Essentials … the Click Tracks, EEF’s and PSTEC Positive … so that now…  well … find out more about Melody’s story and how she used PSTEC to help her transcend the garbage in her mind and set herself upon the path of Life Mastery!

We appreciate you leaving your comments and “Thanks You’s” for Melody down below…

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  1. Reply

    Thank you for a fantastic interview Mel and Jeff. You have to congratulate yourself Mel for the journey that you have under taken using PSTEC. and how it has overcome many of the issues and areas that you were facing every day within your own thoughts and beliefs. Without a doubt the amazing difference throughout the interview is so noticeable to me knowing what you were like when I first got you to use the Click Tracks.( smiles) The rest is now history. Thanks you so much Mel for allowing this wonderful interview. Excellent job Jeff. Kind Regards Mike

    • Robin
    • October 16, 2014

    Thank you Melody for sharing your story. It couldn’t come at a better time for me. Best wishes to you.

    • Peter Bunyan
    • October 16, 2014

    Thanks Melody for giving us some of your life. Thanks for telling others that change is possible and that we can become who we want to become.

    • Ellen C
    • October 19, 2014

    I have truly appreciated all the interviews but this one with Melody is the most significant for me.

    To explain, my story almost mirrors Melody’s story. I have just turned 60 and after a rather minor accident which, however, did have some consequences my life seems to have been in a downward spiral for the last 7 years.

    I have recently split up with my partner of 26 years. A partner I now realise I should never have been with. He is on the autism – aspergers spectrum and indeed is a very high functioning intellectual but his relationship skills are non existent. Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places!

    I too am very intelligent and have a Ph.D. My teachers in primary school (sorry don’t know the US terminology – junior school maybe?) had me skip grades a number of times. My teachers were kind but elsewhere far too clever for your own good was what I was told. And until this day I don’t think any of my family acknowledge that I actually have a doctorate.

    I didn’t have an emotionally nurturing childhood either. Far from it – nothing very bad but nothing very good either. My Mom and Dad split up when I was a month short of being 4 years old with Mom moving back to her home country, pregnant with her third child and taking me and my younger brother with her.

    She was moving back to a very Catholic country where well you didn’t do such things as separate from your husband. I actually now realise she was very brave in doing so. And maybe a year back or less she said to me on the phone that she was totally scared out of her wits at the time. Mom was 29 years old then and now I think good grief she did a marvellous job and had a lot of courage.

    Then 3.5 years after we moved Mom nearly died in an accident and was hospitalised for a number of weeks. Living with an ailing grandmother who didn’t like me very much and 2 little brothers to look after I, at the age of 7.5, had to grow up and become an adult really fast. Oh yes Dad had been killed in an accident 2 years previously – almost at the same time of year – just a few weeks before Christmas.

    And I have been the big “adult” ever since. Very grown up and all that. But knowing that something was “wrong” I have been reading self help books since the age of 10 – seriously. I won’t go on as to what else I have done (Transactional Analysis, EFT, etc).

    But one day a few months back, before I discovered PSTEC (rediscovered in truth) I woke up with the realisation in my head, and I did genuinely wake up with this (it just popped into my head out of the blue), you have been the big, bad professional on the outside but in truth on the inside you have been the scared little girl who had to take on adult responsibilities well before her time. And you are still a scared little girl.

    I’ll bow my head, as like Melody ,I have ignored PSTEC until now. And yes stubborn is my middle name too (us intellectual types tend to be a handful I think)! Then I saw the e-mail about PSTEC Negative and went in my mind what is this stuff and why am I receiving this e-mail.

    A little search through my e-mail box showed me that I have been subscribed to PSTEC and receiving e-mails for I am not going to say how many years. Oops.

    The happy ending to the story is that I have re-found PSTEC. Melody’s story has been a true inspiration and once I have done a bit of work on my own and learned how to use Skype I’ll be in contact with Mike (I do live in the UK at the moment but consequences of minor accident mentioned at start means it is still difficult for me to drive long distances).

    I do apologise for such a lengthy comment but Melody’s story gave me so much hope that I thought she might like to hear of the reasons why. Thank you so much again Melody for telling your story and big hugs to you from across the ocean.


      • Peter Bunyan
      • October 20, 2014

      Hi Ellen
      Tim has recorded a short talk (5mins) for me. Listen here
      This track is for people like yourself who have come across PSTEC but not yet used it for some reason and to reassure them of the benefits of first using the FREE basic click tracks as they are the foundation of all the other PSTEC tracks. I’m sure Mike would agree.

        • Ellen C
        • October 28, 2014

        Hi Peter

        Thank you for that and apologies for the tardy reply – some work was being done on the house which rather distracted me. Yes listening to that track has been helpful. I have started using the free tracks but have a few questions. So guess it is time I hopped on to the forum.


          • Peter Bunyan
          • October 29, 2014

          Questions? Forum or you can just reply/email me. I may be a therapist but I do not charge for occasional requests for assistance with PSTEC.

    1. Reply

      Shall look forward to that Ellen.

      Kind Regards Mike

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