PSTEC Weight Loss “Power Upgrade” Audio Package

This is an optional extra package with lots of special tracks designed to make your weight loss successful.

PSTEC Weight Loss
  • Do you eat things, at the same time telling yourself you shouldn’t?
  • Are you often eating without thinking?
  • Are you eating when you’re not hungry?
  • Are you over eating?
  • Are you buying foods that you know you shouldn’t?
  • Are you eating until you are stuffed full, instead of stopping before that?
  • Do you eat when stressed or emotional?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these then perhaps the battle is not so much with food but more the battle with your subconscious and what it’s been doing.
PSTEC is designed to be the most powerful way for you to change those things.

By all means make the effort to lose weight and also to eat sensibly as you use this program but at the same time allow the PSTEC tools to create subconscious change so it works with you and not against you.


  • Weight loss tutorial part 1 (mp3)
  • Weight loss tutorial part 2 (mp3)
  • Weight loss tutorial part 3 (mp3)
  • Weight loss tutorial part 4 (mp3)
  • “START HERE” (pdf)
  • “The 5 Golden Statements” (pdf)
  • Weight loss PSTEC click track 1 (mp3)
  • Weight loss PSTEC click track 2 (mp3)
  • Weight loss PSTEC click track 3 (mp3)
  • Weight loss PSTEC click track 4 (mp3)
  • Weight loss PSTEC click track 5 (mp3)
  • The slimming loop (track 6) (mp3)

The PSTEC Weight Loss: Power Upgrade Audio Package (v2)

**This is a download in MP3 and PDF formats**


PSTEC Weight Loss

Unless otherwise stated, the opinions expressed both here and on the audios are those of the author. With regard to the PSTEC weight loss tracks therefore, no claim is made with regard to results any particular individual can expect, nor is any warranty implied.