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Super Change Your Life

Stanley Bronstein, the Creator and Founder of Super Change your Life, shares his story about overcoming an incredible weight challenge (he has lost over 100 pounds) and also finally transcending a life of pain and disappointment as he changed his life to an abundance of peace and joy. Read More


Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC - Interview with Bob Doyle

This free audio recording is a sample of the full interview with Bob Doyle that is available in Module 3 of Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC... Read More


PSTEC Advanced Part 2 Sampler

Tim Phizackerley, Peter Owen and Jeff Harding recently recorded a discussion to answer questions and offer additional tips to help a certain group of individuals to make their PSTEC work even more effective. That particular group purchased and studied the PSTEC Advanced - Part 2 Package. This recording was a Bonus added to the package after the fact ... just more value provided to the users of the PSTEC Advanced - Part 2 package at no extra charge and you can listen in on the first 30 minutes of that discussion at no charge. Read More


How to Overcome Impossible Odds and Transcend Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia - Update with Liz

This is a update with Liz who shares with us story of being imprisoned in her home for over 10 years due to panic, anxiety, fears and beliefs and what critical perceptions she shifted in order to break the pattern. Read More


Another Side Benefit of PSTEC - Wil's Update

Dread, anxiety and a sense of doom were the issues Wil began clearing using PSTEC. He then graduated to using PSTEC Advanced that helped him take his healing to another level, including a side benefit of losing weight. Then, Wil called with even greater news... Read More