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Embracing Change

I have always said that “Change is easy when we want to change.” So, using the various PSTEC Tools for releasing emotions, shifting beliefs and behaviors and changing your overall mind model... your perceptions ... is also easy… almost ... Read More


Childbirth and PSTEC

Free PSTEC Tips...Prepare for a More Smooth and Enjoyable Childbirth with PSTEC*Listen using the audio player below or Download the mp3 file and listen on any of your devices.*A question came through PSTEC Support:"I'm curious after re... Read More


5 Years of Unemployment, Fear and Hopelessness Was Enough!

Melody was down and out ... She lost her job, her house, divorced, and was told she was too educated, too old, too ... on and on. Melody lived with fear and hopelessness ... and unemployment for over 5 years! It all changed when she entrusted herself to the PSTEC Tools... Read More


PSTEC Negative - The Belief Eraser

PSTEC Negative - The Belief Eraser is a tool which YOU can use on ALL the negative and limiting beliefs YOU want rid of. Clearing resistance to shifting your perception... doing your change work ... has just become even easier! Read More


No Decision, No Success, No Hope - A PSTEC Interview

Gary was living in a deep, dark hole of despair with little or no hope of a life of joy and peace; severe ADHD, OCD, complex PTSD, no self-confidence, severe anxiety, chronic depression, asthma, a crippling phobia of needles, excess weight ... just to name a few. Gary shares how he used various PSTEC Tools to help him find that freedom much quicker than he ever imagined (because he struggled with these issues for years). Read More