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Terms of Use, Legal and Disclaimer
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PSTEC Worldwide Ltd and also PSTEC LLC wants to encourage those doing self help. We also wish to support self employed therapists working one to one in a NON corporate setting and to make PSTEC as easy and affordable as possible.
Corporate use is also welcome and is already underway. Use within schools or for educational establishments, health organisations, councils, larger businesses and similar larger entities is covered by licensing and is subject to additional terms and controls. Lone therapists must also study the licensing section if they have any intent to use PSTEC in any corporate setting. Such use may be forbidden or require a license.
As such and in respect of these terms, “personal use” refers ONLY to the treatment of oneself using PSTEC. All professional users should certainly and carefully read the terms fully.

The standard PSTEC therapy system has been made freely available to any individual who wishes to undertake self help or to use PSTEC on themselves. As stated above, additional terms and conditions do apply to professional users.
Professional, businesses or corporate users wishing to use PSTEC should be especially sure to carefully study all terms including the section of these terms headed: “Copyright, Limitations of Use, Business Use & Corporate Licenses For Use”.
For example: Staff welfare schemes require licenses. Schools require licenses for use. Third party services to schools are also strictly controlled. And some organisations may be refused licenses if their usage is not deemed appropriate or beneficial by PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. If you are unsure in any way then you need to contact PSTEC Worldwide Ltd and wait for a response..

The copyrighted PSTEC process is not warranted in any way. Dealing with serious issues requires the user to think about those issues and to recall things which may be painful. The PSTEC process has been represented as fully and honestly as possible and this representation is based upon feedback already received but you should make your own decisions as regards its appropriateness for any particular issue or problem. No therapeutic method is perfect or absolutely suited to every user.
PSTEC is not advocated for children or under 18s unless such use is under the guidance and supervision of an appropriately trained adult; therefore any such use should be monitored by a someone who has received special training via PSTEC Services or alternatively by a therapist who has studied PSTEC to advanced level and preferably one who has also passed the exams at that level. Use in or by schools or similar establishments requires a license (see licensing section). The licensing criteria are there to ensure such use is appropriate and that only well trained persons undertake it.
PSTEC is not advocated for pain control because whilst it may very well work you should always seek medical assistance for such problems. The process may trigger memories. If you have doubts about your ability to use the process then you may like to consider engaging the services of a therapist or mentor to guide you. Some people have reported physical responses. Some people have reported a churning in the stomach for emotional issues. Some people find the process tiring and so you may wish to avoid too many repetitions at any given time or to sleep on it afterwards. Occasionally people have reported other physical sensations including (very rarely) pain, which subsequently passed. You use the process at your own discretion and you accept full and sole liability for its use. Those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy or mental illnesses, or those who are receiving psychological treatment for a problem should always seek medical advice prior to use. Likewise if you are in any doubt as to its appropriateness for any issue or if you are medicating for a particular problem then you should seek professional advice. The information on this site should not be regarded as a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner and is not intended as such. With regard to the PSTEC weight loss tracks, no claim is made with regard to results any individual can expect, nor is any warranty implied.
Professional Ethics: It is expected that therapists/counselors and the like who use PSTEC will do so ethically and that they will also behave in a professional manner at all times. Therapists/Counselors and the like who purchase training materials and/or who choose to use the PSTEC logos or make reference to the registered PSTEC trademark may have their rights to do so completely removed if we believe there is any doubt regarding their ethics or standard of behaviour. The same would apply if they are deemed to have behaved in any way which would bring disrepute. Under such circumstances notice would be given in writing and no further use of the PSTEC materials or trademarked name would be permitted in any way thereafter. Therapists advertising PSTEC are not vetted. Just because a therapist may be advertising PSTEC, it should not be taken as an endorsement of their ability, ethics or experience. Likewise inclusion of therapists trainers or coaches on any PSTEC website should not be regarded as an endorsement of either them, their ethics or their abilities. Opinions expressed by third parties: Opinions and claims made with regard to PSTEC by affiliates or by other third parties should not be accepted as fact. The PSTEC copyright holder will not be held liable for any claims of efficacy made by third parties.

Seller information
Purchases are optional and many users limit themselves to the free system. There are a number of optional extras available for purchase. For those who make purchases here is our seller information.
Since 2010 PSTEC LLC has had worldwide rights to sell PSTEC Products.
Our sales handling website is 100% USA based, owned and operated; it has been owned and operated by PSTEC LLC since it’s inception in 2010. has many referring websites linked to it in order to help us reach those in need; this includes and several other sites.
Purchases are made through and payments are made to PSTEC LLC. PSTEC LLC is wholly based and owned within the USA: Address: 2232 Dell Range Blvd Cheyenne WY 82001.
Tim Phizackerley and PSTEC Worldwide Ltd has copyright ownership of much of the material available for sale on the PSTEC websites but not all. PSTEC LLC pays for use of the website, some content and also for additional bespoke authoring and copyrighting services. Much content is solely owned by PSTEC LLC. Some content is owned by other authors with whom PSTEC LLC has made arrangements for publication. PSTEC LLC also pays for a support element from Tim Phizackerley via PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. Some PSTEC materials are also available through a number of other authorised agents which operate under the banner of PSTEC Services. Details of your nearest PSTEC Services agent is available on request. (see requests for corporate use)

Copyright, Limitations of Use, Business Use & Corporate Licenses For Use
PSTEC took a huge amount of work to develop and so the PSTEC process is the intellectual property of the copyright owner. The audio files and the process are subject to copyright which means that without signed, and witnessed prior written agreement from the copyright owner you can’t sell them. You cannot distribute them, or create derivatives but you are more than free to use them on yourself. Likewise if you are a self employed therapist you may use them in your therapy practice but ONLY for one to one therapy with private individuals who are paying for their own treatment. Without a valid PSTEC license you cannot use PSTEC for the benefit of any kind of corporate entity, health, business, education or otherwise (see details below). Business/Corporate work or similar work for is subject to additional terms.
For example, any business, organisation or public body numbering more than three people MUST be licensed and adhere to additional terms and conditions if wishing to use PSTEC since such use is considered corporate.
Likewise a therapist contracted to work for such an organisation, eg: a school, or health department or Council is deemed by PSTEC Worldwide Ltd and by PSTEC Services to be a employee of such an organisation and therefore the organisation MUST ensure that they have a valid license for use of PSTEC. With regard to corporate use and exactly as would be the case with other media (eg movies) the corporate use of PSTEC without valid licensing place would be a criminal offence and subject to state penalties.
Therapists working in corporate context must notify the organisation of their need for a license. Such notification must be made in writing to the client organisation and a full copy of the correspondence must also be sent immediately to the following email address: and headed “CORPORATE NOTIFICATION HAS BEEN MADE”. The email must also contain appropriate contact details for both the therapist and also the organisation in question. Use in breach of these simple terms is illegal and may be met with legal action.
As has been stated, corporate work, or work for the public sector is subject to certain additional terms and such organisations do require a “Corporate Usage License” for such use of PSTEC.
At its discretion PSTEC Worldwide via PSTEC Services my choose to offer a corporate license for a free trial. Licenses are issued for such use which specify duration and terms. Such organisations MUST purchase a license for the use of PSTEC if such use extends beyond the one off trial period of not more than 6 weeks or if PSTEC is to be used with more than 10 people.
Outside of such a one off trial period, corporate use of PSTEC is STRICTLY prohibited without a full and valid “Corporate Usage License” (hereafter simply referred to as license). These licenses are issued only by PSTEC Services agents under the auspices of PSTEC Worldwide Ltd or by PSTEC Worldwide Ltd itself. Such corporate use licenses are valid for no more than 12 months from the date of issue. Licenses must to be renewed annually or the right to use PSTEC will lapse immediately. (Full details are covered in the individual licenses since the contents may vary business to business, organisation to organisation.
PSTEC Services agents can be contacted via PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. Licenses for corporate use can only be purchased either directly from PSTEC Worldwide Ltd, or from PSTEC Services agents who are authorised to offer PSTEC Pro tools by consent of PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. In order to renew a license or to make an enquiry as to cost, either consult your agent directly (a list of authorised agents is available on request) or alternatively please send an email to and title it “CORPORATE LICENSE REQUEST”.
The cost of a license is dependent upon the intended uses and also on the size and nature of the organisation wishing to use PSTEC. The price will be determined based on information supplied by the registering organisation. Such information must be accurate and meaningful. If the level of use increases considerably then this should be notified so that the license may be reviewed. License requests are unlikely to be refused but PSTEC Worldwide or its agents reserves the right to refuse the granting of corporate licenses if it deems such a refusal appropriate. Failure to follow procedure or to pay license fees on time, may result in complete revocation of all rights to use PSTEC. Use of PSTEC by such bodies without an appropriate license must cease. Any failure to do so would be breach of copyright. And due to international law regarding copyright deliberate continuance may be subject to severe penalties. We recognise that people sometimes overlook things and we consider fairness and generosity important, and so rather than be punitive, the option to pay retrospective license fees may be offered. Therefore where an organisation can be shown to have inadvertently overlooked the license requirement it should be possible to pay a retrospective license fee. At the discretion of PSTEC Services, under the auspices of PSTEC Worldwide LTD, these may be charged either at the normal rate or at a higher than normal rate. Corporate entities numbering more than 3 persons who deliberately ignore these requirements automatically agree to pay any license fee deemed appropriate by PSTEC Worlkdwide Ltd. Wheresoever used, ownership of PSTEC™ and the PSTEC tools and processes remains that of the copyright holder Tim Phizackerley and PSTEC Worldwide Limited.

Use in 3rd party ventures, and additional information regarding Corporate or Government use:
Please remember that unauthorised distribution of the PSTEC audio is strictly prohibited. Therefore if you want to incorporate it in training materials or programmes, courses, CDs, books, other products or to use PSTEC as part of other commercial ventures, or for large scale programmes then you must seek, and first be granted written permission by the copyright owner. Any corporate or public body use will most probably require purchase of a license. (see above). This applies to both profit and non-profit ventures. (See Requests and Enquiries Regarding Commercial Use; below). Copyright violations, either direct or by means of derivatives will be subject to legal action.

Loss of goods following purchase:
Some people have requested that downloads be resent to them many months after purchase, simply because they changed or upgraded their computers. In other words they lost the files.
In exactly the same way as with shop bought physical purchases, responsibility rests with the buyer to look after their purchase and not to lose it.
Because PSTEC now has many thousands of users, such requests for resends can create a huge and completely unnecessary overhead in terms of support time. Therefore, whether products are resent is at our discretion. If we do offer to resend a product, there will be a $10 charge for each product resent.

Limit of liability with respect to goods offered:
If any PSTEC products have been downloaded or purchased from this or other copyright holder licensed PSTEC websites such as, the total limit of liability will not exceed the purchase value under any circumstances. For example, and with regard to something such as a defective CD, it may either be refunded or replaced at the discretion of PSTEC LLC. With regard to the purchase of sealed goods such as a CD: Right to cancel does not apply once the seal is broken. Notification of such should be sent by email. In the event of a number of products being purchased, but only a fraction proving faulty, the liability would be determined on a proportionate basis. The purchaser may be asked to arrange return of the goods in order to obtain such recompense. See also “Returns policy” (below).

With regards to PSTEC Worldwide Ltd or PSTEC Services, English Courts only will have jurisdiction with regard to any dispute of any kind. With regard to any dispute over payments or any services offered by PSTEC LLC, American courts have jurisdiction.

Requests and Enquiries Regarding Commercial Use
PSTEC is copyright. However since the PSTEC Percussive Suggestion Technique™ is so incredibly effective and so astonishingly predictable there may be those who would like to incorporate the technique into commercial ventures such as corporate training programmes, books, videos, audio programs, management or personal change training courses, CDs etc. All such use is prohibited without written permission from the copyright holder & PSTEC Worldwide Ltd. However rather than be completely protectionist in this regard we will be more than happy to discuss such things with you so please get in touch.
To discuss requests for commercial uses such as those just mentioned please call on the phone rather than by email since the PSTEC mailbox can get rather busy. Failure to do so and to get approval as stated above would constitute copyright infringement and legal action would be likely to follow.
— Please Note: A special PSTEC package for corporate use exists. Please enquire —

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy discloses the practices of the PSTEC copyright holder and owner of this website concerning personal information that might be obtained about you. By using the this website or by contacting the copyright holder you are accept the practices described in this Policy. This Policy does not apply to the practices of other individuals, therapists, coaches or companies who may be independently using or employing PSTEC or have websites of their own to promote PSTEC.
If you choose to email for any reason or to make a purchase then that information is treated in confidence and the identities of those who email are never shared unless you specifically allow it. From time to time user feedback or questions may be posted on the website but anonymity is retained where specified. If you leave a phone based testimony regarding use it must be genuine and may be used to help others to decide whether PSTEC might be suitable for them. No registration is required for use of PSTEC but you may choose to do so. PSTEC websites sometimes use cookies to track sales.(Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that some companies or websites use to maintain session identity or tracks somethings such as commissions). The PSTEC website or websites are on servers owned by an independant ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and as such may record information on their server logs about pages visited on the PSTEC website. Acesses recorded may include a record of your IP address (IP addresses are not linked to your personal information). This is used to anaylse traffic flow through the site and to guard against download piracy. If you purchase an optional extra or sign up for additional information that information may be held by providers of other websites such as Paypal or aweber for example. If you make a purchase or request to be sent information we may choose to send follow up emails in order to inform you about various aspects related to PSTEC and Tim Phizackerley’s work. No information submitted to this website is shared with other individuals or companies without express permission. Personal information about users is never knowingly sold, shared or traded.* (Correspondence may occasionally be published in order to illustrate use of the PSTEC processes but the identity of the sender would never be disclosed unless express personal permission is given.) *The only exception would be when such disclosure is appropriate to comply with the law or a request by law enforcement officials, or to protect the rights of the PSTEC copyright holder or to enforce the Terms and Conditions of Use for PSTEC. If you have been transfered here from another website relating to PSTEC then you should be aware that they may have different terms of use and a different privacy policy. If the PSTEC copyright and site were to be transfered to another individual or party then whatever information may be held might also be transferred to the new owner. Email addresses may be used so that free updates about PSTEC can be sent to interested parties. Feedback from users is encouraged because it helps to make PSTEC better for everyone involved with it. Since it is all but impossible to run a large website without the involvement of other individuals and companies some functions are performed but such agents. Examples include payment processing (eg Paypal) and email notification (eg aweber). They may have access to personal or sensitive information as supplied by you, which may be needed to perform their functions, and any questions regarding this should be referred to them since they are bound by their own terms of use. PSTEC users and former customers may occasionally receive information on products, services, special deals, or perhaps a newsletter but only if such has been requested by the you the user. The PSTEC website takes precautions to protect user information, both online and offline. If information changes we will make every effort to provide a way to correct or update data provided. If the privacy policy changes in any way, then details will be posted on the PSTEC website ( or so that users are always aware of how information is handled. Childrens Online Privacy Protection: The PSTEC website serves general users of the World Wide Web but will not knowingly collect information from children. Children under the age of 18 may use PSTEC only with the involvement of a responsible parent or guardian.

Returns Policy
Sales of downloads and CDs are by and to PSTEC LLC. You have a right to cancel your order for any item purchased on this website. However, this does not apply to any of the following:
1. Items personalised or made to your specification;
2. Audio/video recordings that you have unsealed:
3. Any items that, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any item purchased, you may request a refund within 7 days of receipt assuming that the item is not so excluded by the distance selling regulations (see above). To cancel, you can email or write (see Contact page for details) within seven working days of delivery of your item(s), quoting the product purchased, time and date of your order number and any other payment or order reference that may be applicable such as a paypal transaction id or CD order number. When goods are sold Paypal is the prefereed method of payment because it gives consumers additional protection.

Returns Procedure
Not all items are returnable (see above). If you require assistance or have queries with regard to cancellation or possible refund then please first send an email to We recommend that you keep all relevant Order Acknowledgement notifications, as proof of purchase in the event of any after-sales queries. Without these it may not be possible to satisfy a customer request in this regard.

If the product is damaged/faulty or the wrong item and you require a replacement, please return the product in its original packaging, and enclose written information giving full details of the damage or fault. With regard to multiple CDs purchased at the same time please enquire as to whether the entire pack should be returned or not. A replacement of the faulty goods will be sent free of charge. If you do not wish to retain the product and simply want a refund, return the complete product (which must remain in their original seals in the case of CDs) within 14 days, and we will process a refund according to your method of payment. Please again note that CDs cannot be refunded if the seal is broken in any way. Pack the parcel securely in it’s original packaging to ensure the packaging is sufficiently robust to avoid transit damage. Customers are responsible for paying return postage (unless otherwise stated upon enquiry). We recommend using Recorded Delivery services since proof of dispatch may be needed if lost in transit. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Changes to the terms of use: There may be occasional changes to the terms of use and these will be posted on the referrring PSTEC websites. (eg:, or as and when appropriate.