PSTEC Transition Announcement

The technology behind PSTEC™ has become absolutely legendary amongst its user base. PSTEC™ has been under continual development since its creation and rave reviews have followed almost every improvement.

The big picture has always been to improve mental health provision for millions of people. This is why PSTEC™ has recently undergone its biggest change ever.

By joining forces with a mental health technology innovation company, every aspect has been made even better.
It has evolved into something very new and very exciting.

More on the new development in a moment…

Part of this Transition will be a change in the availability of PSTEC™ Products and Services.
Most of the various PSTEC™ audio tracks will no longer be available under the PSTEC™ brand.

The Free Click Tracks in the Free Basic Package Are No Longer Available

But, You Will Not Be Left Out in the Cold

There is a New Web App That Offers an Excellent Alternative to the Free Click Tracks

Tim Phizackerley, Creator and Founder of PSTEC™, has been hard at work improving upon the success and effectiveness of the PSTEC™ Tracks.

New Horizon!

This amazing new and easy to use web app interface brings you huge advantages.
There is a variety of totally new and significantly improved tools. There is also convenient 24-hour access. There is no need to download anything at all. This means that subscribers can access help instantly and from almost any device whether at home or not. For users who select “the everything option” any new developments have already been made available instantly and automatically and at no extra cost.
There is also a specific young person’s module.

Orpheus Mind Technologies

Click the link below to find out more about the Orpheus Products …

Existing PSTEC™ Customers and Users

  • If you have previously purchased a PSTEC™ package, track or tutorial, your downloads will be available for a limited time that will be announced later. If you have not yet downloaded your purchases, do so asap. Be sure to save and back them up for future access.
  • PSTEC™ Support will continue until further notice through the PSTEC Help Desk
  • PSTEC™ Mentoring will also continue supporting you in the use of the PSTEC Tools you have acquired as well as the use of the tools through Orpheus Mind Technologies through the PSTEC Mentoring site

New to or Unfamiliar with PSTEC™

If you were directed to this PSTEC™ site and are new or unfamiliar with PSTEC™, that’s ok because you can begin fresh with the newest mind technologies by clicking the link below …

Orpheus Mind Technologies

Click the link below to find out more about the Orpheus Products …

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