Next Step - PSTEC Basic Mentoring

Therapists, Counselors, Practitioners & Coaches – Welcome!

Welcome to the PSTEC Therapist Area…

This area will outline the various training, tutorials, tools and information for you as you implement the use of PSTEC in your practice.

Here is an outline of the steps you want to take in familiarizing yourself with the use of PSTEC with your clients as well as expanding your practice to a comfortable level and a more enjoyable pace.

  • Sign up for the Therapist List.  This is an exclusive list that will receive announcements, information and tips that the general PSTEC mailing list will not receive… use the form to the right…
  • Download and begin using the Free Basic PSTEC Audio Package, featuring the Click Tracks for releasing emotional issues.
  • Purchase the PSTEC Level 1 Package … this includes the Level 1 Therapist Tutorial as well as the Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive tutorials… also two EEF tracks (extra strong Click Tracks) and the PSTEC Positive Tracks, used for shifting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Purchase the PSTEC Advanced Package … this includes two and a half hours of tutorial to help you discover even greater effectiveness with PSTEC and also includes two additional tracks for pain and anger.
  • Register with the PSTEC Practitioner Registry … this gets you exposure to PSTEC customers looking for private session help.
  • Sign up for the Official PSTEC Exams
    The Official PSTEC Exams may be required for insurance, are a prerequisite for your PSTEC membership listing, shows professionalism and tests your understanding of PSTEC while you learn even more about becoming effective and efficient in helping your clients.
  • Register with the PSTEC Affiliate Program … Tim needs help spreading the word about PSTEC and he’s willing to pay you… most products give you a 50% commission!  Use your affiliate link to spread the good news about PSTEC.
  • Explore the other PSTEC Packages and Products listed above on the menu … pay special attention to the PSTEC Essentials as these tutorials and tools will bring you along quickly, if you immerse yourself, to incredible heights of effectiveness with PSTEC for yourself and your clients.
  • Utilize the Free Resources and Tools listed above on the menu… The PSTEC Forum, QandA with Tim, PSTEC Interviews and much, much more.

If you have questions, remember, you can also use the PSTEC Contact and Support page.

Welcome to the PSTEC Community … we look forward to working together to not only reach more and more people throughout the world, but to also help them release unpleasant emotions, shift limiting beliefs and change dis-empowering behaviors to Live Life more Free!

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