IMPORTANT UPDATE for Therapists, Counselors, Practitioners & Coaches

PSTEC has evolved in a very substantial way recently.
This has a number of implications for all therapists who use PSTEC.
Please note the quick explanation below, ahead of a more detailed announcement to come, outlining certain changes so you can understand them and also so that you understand the opportunities to come.

A major and important transition is underway into a new direction which will create far more opportunity for therapists moving forward.

By transitioning my work and research into the holdings of Orpheus Mind Technologies, far more opportunity is already being created including links to (and agreements with schools and businesses) but most importantly, we are building a world-class academic and clinical research team to conduct clinical research scientifically  and to validate what we already know – these tools are more effective than anything else.

Things are happening stepwise but Orpheus will be looking for ethical, trustworthy, flexible, intelligent  therapists and coaches with expertise across a wide variety of areas.

Everything has moved on with Orpheus. We are rebranding not only the business name, but also the names associated with my tools. We have developed brand new, significantly improved tracks and simplified the number of tracks available.
Via the Orpheus progressive web app, users get access to a streamlined system featuring these tracks and the way it is offered provides access to an easier and a much better value experience. In fact users get more value in so many different ways.

Other Important Changes:

The main PSTEC websites are about to change radically and as things move forward they will fall away.

All Click Tracks, including the free Basic Click Tracks, will  no longer be available because after all my latest improvements they have now been completely superseded.

Users of Orpheus on the Premium plan get access to home use for all the tools they need.
It comes as a package in a very convenient, user friendly format that works on almost any device with an internet connection.

Improvements to tools and resources are also automatic, meaning that if a tool is improved or if a new or even better tool is made available then the premium users automatically receive that update.

Via Orpheus there is no need whatsoever to download or unzip things. That inconvenience is gone. Everything is done to make the user experience as simple and as effective as possible. The Orpheus interface has also been designed so that even the most technically challenged can use it once subscribed.

Broad equivalency and nomenclature:
The tools are different but some broad similarities exist. This is most simply explained as below.

All PSTEC Click Tracks (CT) (includes the Free Basic CT’s, CT2015 and EEF’s) are replaced by…
Orpheus “Negative Emotion Destroyers”
(These are located via the Bad Feelings modules. )

All PSTEC Positive (PP) Tracks (Original PP, PP Extra Power, PP Quantum Turbo) are replaced by …
Orpheus “Creator Track”
(These are located via the Bad Feelings modules. )

PSTEC Belief Blasters are replaced by …
Orpheus “Eraser”
(Located in Practitioner Resources)

Orpheus Mind Technologies

Click the link below to find out more about the Orpheus Products …


For therapists there are some very important legal things to note. These will be subject to change with an announcement coming in the next few weeks, but what follows describes the current position. I have tried to summarize this as clearly as possible.

  • Therapists who have no formal association with Orpheus.
    They may guide clients as to appropriate use but such therapists themselves cannot use Orpheus tools directly with clients.
  • For Orpheus tools to be used in any such therapy context, each therapy client being worked with MUST have personally subscribed to the premium plan to get access to the tools they will need.
  • The word “Orpheus” and the Orpheus logo are registered marks and the use of the word or logo in connection to digital mental health interventions is protected by intellectual property law.
  • The Orpheus name or logo is not to be used on promotional materials in association with therapists or coaches unless permission has been explicitly sought and then granted in writing by Orpheus.
  • This means that you cannot use the Orpheus name or logo on websites, flyers, mailshots or similar without such written consent.
  • You can though refer your individual clients to Orpheus verbally in conversation or by means of email. (See below)

Can do’s:

  • Therapists and coaches who work online can refer clients to the Orpheus premium plan so that they can access these awesome tools in their own homes, but they must do this in conversation or via email rather than advertising the Orpheus name. Therapists can also suggest ways in which they can be used.
  • Therapists or coaches must of course be insured to offer such services and are solely responsible for their own advice or guidance as to appropriateness.

Can’t do’s:

  • Therapists cannot use Orpheus tools directly in therapy.
  • Therapists cannot stream Orpheus tools to clients under any circumstance.
    This is clearly stated in the End User License Agreement that people registering to use Orpheus sign at the point of registration.
  • Therapists cannot call themselves Orpheus therapists.
  • Therapists cannot imply any formal connection to Orpheus if no such connection exists.
    This is because the Orpheus name is legally protected. (See above)
  • That privileged status is reserved for those working directly (and officially) with or for Orpheus and it is Orpheus who will determine this.

This moves me on to opportunities!

Exciting Opportunities For Therapists Moving Forward …

If you want be considered for future positions and opportunities with Orpheus, perhaps as a FULLY authorized Orpheus coach, mentor or therapist then by all means send an expression of interest to …
Use the following email title- “PSTEC/ORPHEUS THERAPIST”.
Please include a brief (bullet points) list of experience, qualifications or particular coaching or therapy areas of interest in the body of your email.
Please do NOT include attachments.
Emails with attachments may not be opened.

Orpheus intends to have a much more sophisticated way of working with therapists, allowing them to capitalize on the Orpheus brand as it grows., and offering a more comprehensive system via the app for both therapist and their client.

This summarizes things as succinctly as possible and should be straightforward to understand.  

The PSTEC Register remains and will be able to assist users with the PSTEC tools. This should generate more therapy business in the shorter term but, moving forward, the therapists who have been listed on the Register may be of particular interest to us since we know that they have taken and passed examinations in the underlying methodology.

There is a lot of information here so I suggest to read it carefully.

Best Wishes
Tim Phizackerley
(Creator of PSTEC)

If you have questions, remember, you can also use the PSTEC Contact and Support page.