PSTEC Story - Rhonda - Cravings
Rhonda had an insatiable craving for chips and sugar...
"I could never tell you how relieved I am … it’s great… 
I don’t feel like I HAVE to have them."

Rhonda was introduced to the PSTEC Weight Loss Click Tracks (a part of the PSTEC Weight Loss Upgrade Audio Package)
and her first use was for a potato chip craving.

“I would drive around the block and drive around the block just to find parking to run into the corner store to buy chips because
I was anxious, stressed and frustrated… I had to have them!   Also, I would do my normal grocery shopping and
not buy the tiny bags, but the large family size bag and would eat them every, single day."

After purchasing the Weight Loss Click Track, Rhonda used it for this specific issue (potato chip craving).

“I could never tell you how relieved I am … it’s great…
I am not driving around the block trying to find a place to park to get chips.
I don’t feel like I HAVE to have them."

"I also don’t have an aversion to them and don’t have to run from them.
So, instead of having them every single day, I have purchased 3 bags over 3 weeks…
That makes a huge different and my clothes are looser.”

"The second time I used the PSTEC Weight Loss Click Track, I used it for sugar and it worked just as well. Magnificent!"

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