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Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia

How to Turn Approach Anxiety into Confidence

If the thought of approaching someone you are attracted to brings up anxiety, nervousness or all out fear, you need this option…

This should be an easy thing to do.
You’re at the local coffee place, maybe at a friend’s party or just introduced to someone casually for the first time …
… and it hits you …

This person is gorgeous and you are really attracted to this person.
You begin to quickly fantasize about spending time together, getting to know each other and seeing how far this chance meeting could go …  who knows, maybe this is “the one.”

Here’s what you do: Just say “hi” and strike up a conversation.  If it doesn’t go well, nothing lost, right?

But, suddenly you freeze up like a deer caught in the headlights…

… because your mind comes up with a million excuses why you shouldn’t do it and you feel like you’ve been forced into a deep emotional pit as your body starts to sweat, shake and completely betray you!

You are overwhelmed and paralyzed … feeling like you just melted into a puddle of incomprehensible goo.
Who wants to feel like that?

You sure don’t and you may even declare: “This will never happen again!”

So, what do you do?
Let’s look at your options…

Option 1:
Your first impulse is avoidance. You stop trying to approach people you are attracted to and you become passive and hope that one day your lucky stars will line up perfectly without any effort on your part and the perfect person will just walk into the room and passionately say to you, “Where have you been? I have been looking for you all my life!” And then you embrace and skip off into the sunset!

How’s that sound?

Maybe it is if you happen to be cast in a low budget romance movie.

Let’s be honest … real life doesn’t happen like a movie very often… if ever.

So much for Option 1 … this may take a little more thought…

How about Option 2…
If the thought of casually chatting with a person you are attracted to brings up anxiety, nervousness or all out fear, you are not alone.

You know what?
For many people it’s the toughest thing in the world.

Here’s some advice you encounter many places…
Be brave, hold those emotions and thoughts at bay and just take action … like the athletic shoe commercial says, “Just Do it!”

Have you tried to “tough it out?”
Easier said than done, isn’t it?
In fact, if it were that easy then there would not be 10’s of millions of people suffering from this type of anxiety.

You may be wondering if there is a solution out there for you because we have already talked about 2 Options that have proven to fail miserably time after time for millions of people.

Let’s try Option 3…
… because not only is it a completely unique solution, but it is based upon the use of some very well tested tools created by a world renowned therapist, Tim Phizackerley.

Here is Tim’s explanation of PSTEC Magic Sentences…

PSTEC Magic Sentences can open the door to the subconscious in a brand new way, and that’s why you might want to try it.

Until I released the instructions for this, no other therapist anywhere in the World had access to this. And nobody apart from a few clients of mine knew that one of my long kept secrets is the power of subconscious programming by reversing certain sentences.

In fact, it turns out there are certain particular reversed sentences which can be used to very quickly program the subconscious, BUT ONLY if you know how, and which ones to reverse.

This fantastic tool is based on my most recent understanding of exactly how the human mind follows language. You’ll find that when used correctly, it’s fun to do and can very quickly program your subconscious. Once again it comes to you with all ease and convenience of MP3 audio.

I created the process, but it was only on my “super power hypnosis” tutorial I gave other therapists full details, scripts and access to this.

Following my teaching, experienced therapist and great speaker, Sally Baker has lovingly created “PSTEC Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia”

She’s done a wonderful job here for you and I think you’re going to have fun with this.

Kind Regards,

Tim Phizackerley
Found and Creator of PSTEC

This process can help you reduce your levels of anxiety around approaching someone that you find attractive as well as feeling open and confident when mixing with others as well in casual social situations.

You’ll find you can be surprisingly relaxed under almost any circumstance and certainly be relaxed in social situations that would have made you anxious before. In fact you’ll discover you can stay really pretty calm and confident even at times when you would have been anxious before.

This is not about avoidance or “toughing it out”; but in shifting your mind and your emotions so that you can easily and calmly go about the business of living your life as you have always dreamed.

Your copy of “PSTEC Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia” includes the following:

  • Studio recorded Magic Sentences to reduce anxiety on approaching someone you find attractive.
  • The power of hypnosis without hypnosis.
  • No need to relax at all, just listen!
  • Fun and interesting. Magic Sentences comes to you in the form of a game!
  • Great for analytical people.
  • Wonderful for competitive people.
  • Perfect for therapists because its so easy to use.
  • A powerful tool for self help.
  • Designed for fast results.em

There are four different versions of “PSTEC Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia” including at least one tailored for you:

  • Men seeking Women
  • Men seeking Men
  • Women seeking Men
  • Women seeking Women

Here’s what Mary had to say about using Magic Sentences for Anxiety…

“I was feeling very anxious, guilty and worried … just recently, Magic Sentences (for Anxiety) came out … it was perfect timing for me … after three rounds I felt so much better … my level of anxiety, around the issue of my mom now having cancer, is now gone… my husband even commented that I remain extremely calm…”

Click the button below and select the modules that are appropriate for you.

Just listen and notice what happens.
Remember, with this one, the harder you listen, the better this works.

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  • Attraction Phobia – Men seeking Women (author Sally Baker)
  • Attraction Phobia – Women seeking Men (author Sally Baker)
  • Attraction Phobia – Women seeking Women (author Sally Baker)

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Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia