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The PSTEC Tools are versatile and can be used on almost any issue involving emotions, beliefs and behaviors. Here are some tips on how to use PSTEC for general as well as specific issues.


Bullying and PSTEC Positive

Bullying is a problem that you have come across in your life in some manner. PSTEC Positive has some incredible power in addressing the issue of bullying.

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How to Use PSTEC to Handle the Fear of Death

This is a FREE PSTEC Tip… It is a recording of a conversation Jeff Harding had with Tim Phizackerely on how to use the PSTEC Tools to deal with the Fear of Death.

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Using PSTEC on Situations That Do Not Have Strong Emotions

This is a FREE PSTEC Tip on how to use PSTEC when you do not feel strong emotions about an issue. It’s easier than you think.

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