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Licensed Therapist Provides Quick Relief for a Client’s Migraine Headache using PSTEC

This is an interview by Jeff Harding where he talks with Elaine Corona, LCSW … a Certified Therapist proficient in both EFT and PSTEC.


(The audio is about 28 minutes… you can download it to your computer or listen here online.)
509 Main Street, Avon by the Sea, New Jersey, USA
Phone: 732-233-9026

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Elaine has over 25 years experience as a licensed social worker and over the past few years, she has not only embraced some groundbreaking therapeutic modalities, but has become an expert as well.

She has also began using PSTEC in her private therapy practice in New Jersey and uses this technique more and more as the results… well… they speak for themselves.

In this audio, Elaine will share the simplicity of using PSTEC in her practice and how you can too:

  • An example of using PSTEC with a teenage girl for her migraine headache…. just a couple rounds and it is gone!
  • Have you ever worked with someone that is not responding right away… what can you do?  Elaine talks
    about how to deal with a client that “appears” to not be responding… pay attention to her confidence and flexibility.
  • The simplicity of PSTEC; “… just following the instructions…
  • Elaine also talks about what PSTEC “brings to the table” not only as an integral tool in her practice, but also how her clients can use it at home as well.  She loves the quick results with PSTEC because it’s always nice to see her clients using PSTEC and moving beyond their barriers and issues.

Thanks Elaine for your time in sharing your experience and for your work in helping others!

PSTEC Stories are about how everyday people with everyday issues are using PSTEC to help them transcend those issues. These stories are provided to help you learn ways that PSTEC might help you or give you tips about how to use PSTEC. These are actual stories and events representing this individual’s particular experience and while the
stories and experiences are quite impressive, they do not guarantee nor indicate that you would also achieve the same results.

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