Discover The 7 Secrets of Mind Altering, Ultra Power Language for Self Hypnosis AND Power Persuasion To Make It Easier To Protect Yourself from the Mind Control of Others and Take Control of Your Own Mind

I’m sure you are aware that we are being bombarded by messages and suggestions at an incredible rate almost every minute of every day and these suggestions are being transmitted to us in very sneaky ways.


The people and companies delivering these messages want to control your mind and control your behavior.
In many ways, they are very successful and many times we are not even aware of the messages being thrust upon us!

If you understand what they are doing … if you are just aware of how they are doing it … you will find yourself more easily able to filter out messages that you truly find of no interest.

But, is that really enough?

You see, if you are not delivering your own, personal suggestions, then you are vulnerable to others.

Tim Phizackerley, the founder and creator of PSTEC and a Master Hypnotherapist, want to give you more.
He wants to help you create and delivery incredibly powerful suggestions to your subconscious so that you find yourself thinking, being, talking and acting in the ways that you desire… in ways that are most advantageous and for the good of yourself and those around you.

First the background…

In 2019 Tim Phizackerley (“Britain’s Fastest Hypnotist”) released a hugely popular program called “The Seven Secrets of Maximum Power Self Hypnosis”.

Seven Secrets of Maximum Power Self Hypnosis - 330x330

It was so honest and so fresh and so incredibly informative that it excited people all over the world.

In that first program he debunked countless myths and swept away a mass of misconceptions. Then he shared three very different but also highly effective routes to a very powerful form of self hypnosis.

People have literally begged us for even more. At last it’s finally here!

Buckle up ‘cos here’s an overview…

On this training program Tim will take your hand and lead you step by step through a hypnotic wonderland.  Once inside the rabbit hole you will learn things that he’s literally never shared. The content of this program will even help you to understand how he’s been able to hypnotize so many people so quickly and so deeply without even needing to bother with inductions.

This incredible new program picks up from the end of the first program and then quickly jets you off into new and incredible realms of understanding.  As part of this program he’s taken something which is normally hugely complex (hypnotic script writing) and he’s distilled it down for you into the simplest of steps.

  • You’ll be astonished at just how quickly and how easily you’ll soon be able to produce genuinely hypnotic text.
  • You’ll  also understand exactly how and why it works.
  • You’ll discover how to produce your own powerfully persuasive self hypnosis audio that’s far far better and also more effective than most professional recordings you can buy off the shelf.
  • You’ll discover exactly how he quickly converts ordinary everyday language into powerful hypnotic influence.
  • You’ll lean the exact circumstances under which you can instantly access deep hypnosis and also when you can’t.
  • You’ll learn a mixture of truly powerful persuasion skills.
  • You’ll learn how to take hypnotic suggestions and apply them to real world situations.
  • You’ll learn how to use real hypnosis in an emergency or in a crisis.
  • You’ll also learn what you absolutely need to know so you’ll be better able to defend yourself against unwanted hypnotic influence from salespeople.
  • You’ll learn how to use post hypnotic suggestions in real life situations
  • You’ll learn his seven secrets of the most powerfully persuasive language.
Language for Self Hypnosis

You’ll learn all of this and so much more.

And ….he’s going to teach you in a way you’ll remember it more easily than you expect.

Use this on yourself for powerful self hypnosis or use it with other people.

Use it in business.

Use it at work.

Use it in meetings or in presentations.

Use it to communicate effectively.

Use it to write a persuasive letter.

Use it in sales.

Use it in business advertising.

Use it to protect yourself against undue influence and mind control.

Once you get an insight into the sheer power and scope of hypnosis in our lives there’s literally no going back. It’s far far better to understand it than to be unaware of when it’s being used.

These self hypnosis secrets unlock ALL of those possibilities and more.

And it’s so incredibly simple to do you’ll wonder why it never occurred to you.

You’re about to learn step by step from a master of hypnotism a series of easy but truly powerful ways to massively boost your own life possibilities.

Produce powerful hypnotic scripts of your own, or use exactly the same skills to influence and persuade.

You’ll find it so clear and so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t see it before.

Get “7 Secrets of Mind Altering, Ultra Power Language for Self Hypnosis AND Power Persuasion” with immediate Download TODAY

Here’s what you’re about to receive…

  • More than 2 hours of World Class instruction from a Master of hypnotism.
  • Plus a Detailed Skeleton Layout for Ultra Power Self Hypnosis Audio
  • Plus a new 1 hour hypnosis soundscape
  • Plus his Standard Induction, Deepener an Emergence
  • Contains – Tutorial on hypnosis, emergency hypnosis, ultra  power  self hypnosis,  slippery suggestions which are all but impossible to resist, PLUS how to use these skills in work, sales, meetings, presentations, effective writing and of course in power persuasion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the arrow next to each question to expand and view the answer…

Creating your own Self Hypnosis recordings will definitely compliment your work with other PSTEC Tracks, such as the Click Tracks and PSTEC Positive and vice-versa. In fact, in the Self-Hypnosis Courses, Tim encourages you to use the Click Tracks for emotional issues that arise as you write and use your Self Hypnosis recordings.

Absolutely! Tim will be walking you through the entire process with “behind the scenes” tips to make your self hypnosis recordings very effective. Since you are doing “self hypnosis” and not doing it for someone else at this point, there are no qualifications needed, of course. You just need to know how to create effective recordings and Tim will help you!

There is no hypnotic recording as a part of the course. The course teaches you how to record your own, personal, customized audio recording for self hypnosis. Tim includes a pdf template so you know what order to record the various part and also has included the induction, deepener and emergence parts. You just develop the suggestions you want to include in your recording and create the audio and then play it. Tim lays it all out for you.

General hypnotic recordings can be effective for some but they are not tailored to the issues you hold in your subconscious. One size may fit a few, but, most definitely, one size does not fit all.
Tim is giving you the keys to create a turbo-charged hypnotic recording and it’s “turbo-charged” because it’s personalized for you based upon your subconscious model of reality and everyone’s model of reality is different.

As many as you wish.
Just write the suggestions in accordance with Tim’s lessons for as many scripts as you want and record each one.
You will get better and better as you write and record more and more scripts based upon your needs and desires.

There is no limit to the types of issues you can address with self hypnosis. You are only limited by your imagination and your desire to shift your model of reality at the subconscious level.
The more varied the issues you practice with, the better you will become at writing and recording.